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Futuristic architecture: Lifting the veil of time

February 26, 2016
futuristic architecture

Futuristic architecture was a term coined in the turn of the 20th century, representing strong chromatics and dynamic fluid lines on buildings. The end-result is undoubtedly extraordinary and bold.

In most cases, buildings influenced by futuristic architecture border science fiction. In fact, they give us a peek into the future, of how things might turn out to be. And with the digital revolution in the 21st century, it stands to reason that technology will be an integral part of this architectural form.

The attitudes towards sustainability of our societies have also found place in futuristic architecture. It strives to achieve self-sufficiency, while presenting solutions to the potential problems of overpopulation.  In today’s installment of this series then, we lift the veil of time slightly and have a peek at what the future might be in architecture. Some of the buildings that we will look are already build, while others are still on a conceptual form.

Beekbergen Villa

futuristic architecture

The futuristic side of the villa with a thatched roof – via Factor Architecture

Somewhere in the Dutch province of Gelderland, a unique villa rises up between the woods. The futuristic architecture of the house gives it a conical concrete body and a curved thatched top. The house though, has two faces. One which is undoubtedly futuristic and one which is contemporary with solid white concrete.

The interior takes a simplistic form. Underneath the cone, there is a basement with a garage, spare bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen and the master bedroom are situated one level above, while the dining room is an access point to the main floor with the living room and entrance hall. A spiral staircase lead to the mezzanine with office space and ends at the attic. This bold design moves away from popular forms supported by concrete walls and floor.

Pangyo House

futuristic architecture

Puncture squares on the curved room set this house apart from the rest- via

In Seoul, a family house with a curving white façade, square punctures on its roof and extruded windows sits in striking contrast with the surrounding environment. The exterior of the house is created by a layer of Hi-Macs acrylic stone panels.

The layer covers the bricked walls of the house inside and out. As for the base of structure, a combination of clad and timber was used. The bold and fluid curves of the house hint on its futuristic architecture. The house was built in a recently developed area to redefine the culture of high density apartments for a single family that is dominant in Seoul.

House on the Flight of Birds

futuristic architecture

The house magnificently illuminated during the night- via

The farmland, in which this house resides, has a micro-climate that is responsible for frequent winds and rains. Hence, the futuristic architecture of the house took into account the inevitable environment. The wall curves to block winds, while diverse patios and roofed courtyards protect against rain. The glass walls can be receded into the interior, opening the living areas to the patios and courtyards.

The H3 yacht house

futuristic architecture

The house imitates sailing in Greece –via 341 architecture

Love for yachts was the inspiration for the futuristic architecture of this house. Its design was meant to create the allure that the structure is hovering above water as if it was actually sailing.

Its fluid and dynamic lines are quite jaw-dropping, but what set asides this house is its eco-friendly design. It makes use of geothermic energy, using sunlight as a power source while the contact with the water offers a cooling feeling. Hence, it takes into account energy efficiency wrapping it beautifully in a unique and bold design.

The Roll House

futuristic architecture

Even though a concept, the Roll House by Christopher Daniel is still outstanding – via violent

It wouldn’t be an article for about futuristic architecture without some conceptual designs. The Californian Roll House takes into account the morphology of its surrounding environment, namely the desert. The exterior was designed to provide energy efficiency and to be a viable option in arid environments. Thus, the skylights and windows can be placed at the desired location to light the interior.

How does it stand? Its structural form might seem as challenging, but it is sustained by a carbon fiber truss frame underneath the exterior and a hydraulic power automatic door. The features of the Roll House brake the boundaries of what it is perceived as normal in structural design, while giving us a idea on how future architecture will try to solve the puzzle of mobility in living spaces.

Royal Villa

futuristic architecture

Dmitriy Kuznetsov is the mastermind behind this amazing villa- via

Finally we will leave you with another conceptual design of futuristic architecture. With a name tack Royal Villa, this house surely denotes a regal vibe. The design follows closely the morphology of the surrounding environment. The exterior is something akin to the prow of a ship, blending with the water features elegantly.

The windows on the decked contour curve with the structure, creating an amazing spectacle. The Villa splits in tiers, some firmly stabled on the ground and others hovering above the water. With highly dynamic lines, the Villa stays true to the futuristic characteristics and we simply cannot wait to see it docked in Miami.

There you have it. 6 buildings that ascribe to futuristic architecture. Their common denominator is their striking and bold designs which take into consideration the surrounding landscape and the pressing concerns of our societies. However, one cannot help by wonder how will futuristic architecture evolve as we turn into the 22nd century. On thing is for sure; future cities will look amazing.

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