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Liveperson Office: Colour Beyond Colour

March 2, 2016
Liveperson Office

Following on from our look at Shopify, we are going to look at the Liveperson Office. There is such a variety of colour through the office and we will take a closer look at why this works.

Liveperson Office

The office uses colour in a very modern fashion. It makes the room bright and spacious. The colours all contrast one another, but overall actually compliment each other. By using primary colours, our eyes are drawn to the centre of the room, where we then glance around the rest taking it all in.

liveperson office

Work Stations

People at work need to be productive. Creating a space that is comfortable and workable can strike a brilliant balance. It can help focus the mind of workers on the task at hand. Simple additions like a rug and a sofa can create an area that is separate from the work space. The help create a visual separation. We can see on the other side of the white board, that the colours are muted and darker. On this side it is bright and helps create an air of creativity.
liveperson office

Two Tone

You don’t have to fill a space with contrasting colour to make it look different. Adding just a splash in the right place can really lift the look of a room. The desks are white and the chairs are black. The hint of yellow in the room lifts the mood instantly. You can do this through decor or by accessorising correctly.

liveperson office

Chill Out

Work can be a stressful environment. Having a chill out zone is a must in todays work place. Sofas, chairs and cushions make the space feel more like home. The addition of flowers really bring the room to life and add in the element of nature that people like. The green rug could be taken to look a little like grass and helps make the flowers feel more like they belong.

If you are interested in looking at other cool ways to decorate an office space, check out these colour ideas.

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