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Design Master Class: Personalisation

March 7, 2016
Design Master Class

The new CoContent design master class series! Welcome!

Today on Cocontest we are gearing up for another multiple-part lesson on interior design – last week we finished our articles on design principles, and today we will be kicking off a fresh round called ‘Design Master Class’. To get things going for this week’s master class, we’ll be discussing personalisation.

design master class

via Rachel Whiting

What is personalisation?

When it comes to interior design, we can always create setups and works that are aesthetically and functionally pleasing in a broad sense. Certain trends and looks will appeal when fused in a certain way, and can be relied on – to a point. Personalisation comes in when we take our designs to the next level, by either catering them to the specific personal tastes of a client, or by designing with a flourish that exemplifies our own personal aesthetic idiosyncracies and preferences.


Design Master Class

via Mel Yates

Adding art to personalise your space

Typically, we personalise our spaces when we add furnishings and accessories that truly meet our intrinsic domestic needs. Accessories, including curios, trimmings, and art can be a great way to personalise an interior. Take the great example above as case in point: a vibrant, flourishing room, enhanced to personal effect through the incorporation of fabulous wall art.


Design Master Class

via a&h Architecture

Employing statement furniture

Yet personalisation doesn’t always need to rely on the ‘smaller’ pieces and after-additions – it can begin first and foremost through a neat selection of statement furnishings.  As we see in this brilliant, bright-lit and colourful scene above, the right choice of chairs, lounges and couches can make for a stunning offering, with a strong, personalised touch.

Design Master class

via Lewis Interiors

Play with colour and contrast

Really, there are so many ways to create a space with a distinctly personalised flavour. This grand sitting room, for example, takes its cue from an excellent and vibrant sense of colour and contrast. Playing with tones and the contrast between can be a brilliant avenue to creating a more personalised space.

Design Master Class

via Dulux

Experiment with different paints and hues

And with that it mind, it’d be a fine idea to start experimenting with a variety of different paints and hues. This fabulous casual office space above works to a tee, presenting a playful and decidedly personalised space through the use of blackboard wall paint (dog not included!). Try out different paints, work with hues of your preference, and create the personalised spaces in your home that you’ve always dreamed of.

Hope you enjoyed that one. Stay tuned for more design master class how-tos in our next installment!

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