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5 smart kitchen appliances for a simpler life

March 8, 2016
smart kitchen appliances

At the dawn of the digital era the household is being taken over by smart kitchen appliances. Capable of a seamless connection to the Internet, they are transforming the way we experience our modern caves.

The key technology that underlines smart kitchen appliances are sensors. These sensors build a communication line between you and the appliances, telling you how to perfect the kitchen activities. While smart kitchen appliances are at their infancy, they still offer an amazing array of capabilities to the user. Whether you want to cook a steak to perfection, calculate the exact amount of nutritional values or simply brew the most delightful coffee, these electronics are slowly becoming a must have for any kitchen. Hence, in today’s installment of these series we plug into 5 amazing smart kitchen appliances.

Take notes and as always, be inspired.

The Smart Scale

smart kitchen appliances

accurate measurements of your food to keep track on how you fuel your bodies via Greater Goods

The digital scale by Greater Goods offers a great way to keep accurate taps on your diet. If you are swept away by the healthy eating trends, then you will probably fall heads over heels for this appliance. It allows you to view nutritional facts for 2000 food varieties and add 99 custom modes. Of course, as a scale it allows you to calculate the precise amount of weight each food has, switching between grams, pounds and ounces.

If you have a fat dog name Louis in the family that is in dear need of a diet, smart kitchen appliances like the digital scale will definitely work wonders. Also, baking enthusiasts will find the features of this scale absolutely helpful in recipe conversions. On top of it all, it has an easy to clean surface and a tempered glass that can support up to 5 Kg. .

Smart Kitchen Appliances: Coffee edition

smart kitchen appliances

Brew your coffee to aromatic perfection via Smarter Coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice. Never more a pot of coffee will await for your that is not fresh. The predecessors of smart coffee machines came with a build-in-timer, which allowed people to get up in the morning and find themselves captivated by the aromatic essence of hot coffee. Unless, their daily routine was somehow interrupted by mysterious forces-sleeping in-and the coffee pot was not that fresh anymore.

The Smarter Coffee makes sure that your sleeping in sessions don’t interrupt the quality of your coffee. You can connect the coffee machine on the accompanying app (both iOS and Android) and cancel the automation. Or, you can have an on demand brewing service, for when you finally take that extra few hours of sweet slumber. The mysterious forces are subdued in the palm of your hands. The Smarter Coffee comes with some additional amazing features. The strength, freshness and number of cups are individually adjustable. Also, you can skip the smartphone app and set the settings from the machine. And finally, the coffee machine comes with a built in grinder. Is there anything more a coffee lover can ask?

The Intelligent Oven

smart kitchen appliances

Never pause a movie with June via

Your smart kitchen appliances must include an oven, right? The countertop revolution that answers to the name of June, is an intelligent oven that boasts some incredible features. It can broil, bake and toast, setting the time and temperature on its own depending on the food you place in the cooking chamber. It will even call you up when dinner is ready and shut off to avoid overcooking.

The intelligent oven has also a build-in weighing platform that reads the food and provides suggestions for time and temperature of cooking which you can either approve or override. June can scan 15 different varieties of food, from meat to pizza by using a build-in camera. You can keep taps on the progress of your food with your phone so that your know how the gastronomic delicacies are doing. So, there is no need to move from the sofa while watching the season finale of your favorite series.

The Intelligent Pan or Pantelligent

smart kitchen appliances

A professional chef in your pan via

How many times did you tried to cook the perfect steak in your frying pan, but it didn’t pan out as expected. No pun intended. Smart kitchen appliances like the Pantelligent make sure that you always end up with culinary delicacies. The smart frying pan monitors the temperature, tells you when to flip, when to add ingredients or stir, when to adjust the temperature of your stove and when your food is done.

While you cook, you can receive expert tips and notifications on the app, which receives data from the pan and informs you to adjust your cooking in real time. It’s like having a professional chef whispering the secrets of the trait in your ear. Well, more like sending you notifications on your phone, but you get the point.

The Smart Fork

smart kitchen appliances

Forks made smart so you don’t scoff your food too fast via

Finally, we present you the Hapifork. Perhaps, you didn’t expect smart kitchen appliances to include a fork. Yet, this sensation was taken up by storm from smart device enthusiasts. What does it do? It measures your eating habits, by calculating how many mouthfuls you have taken per minute, intervals between taking your food from the plate and into your mouth and how long it takes you to eat your food.

The smart fork was created on the premise that eating too fast leads to poor digestion and weight gain. Of course, as a truly smart device, it provides you an online dashboard to analyze and monitor your eating habits. Everything you will need from a fork.

There you have it. 5 smart kitchen appliances that redefine the way you use the sacred temple of your home. With these revolutionary devices being the forerunners of a new generation, one can only imagine what the future will hold. Isn’t that exciting?

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