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Impressive Architecture: Justice Centre

March 12, 2016
impressive achictecture

This impressive architecture, is in fact the Civil Justice centre in Manchester. Continuing in our series, we decided it was time to look at a building that we may not want to appear in, but will happily appreciate from a distance. We tend to think of government buildings as boring and bland, but this centre really takes us away from that.

impressive architecture

Outside In

The build was completed in 2007 and was made with modern expectations and work in mind. We no longer think the cubicles and windowless offices of the 90s are acceptable. Glass flows from East to West in the building allowing natural light to flow to most parts, meaning there is less need for harsh electric lighting. This makes it very eco friendly, in fact the entire building rates “excellent” on the BREEAM scale.

impressive architecture

Two Tone

As this is a working office, and isn’t like Facebook, the decor is somewhat less unique. However it does have a modern industrial feel, whilst being very practical for a public building. The dark grey flooring is the perfect choice to hide all marks in a high traffic corridor. It matches the silver of the seating ares too. The sunny yellow paint acts as a highlighter to additional areas whilst adding a sense of colour to the space too.

impressive architecture

Cantilevered Structure

On the outside, we get a glimpse of the cantilever structure of this impressive architecture. Nicknamed the “filing cabinet”, we can see why. It does look like a series of boxes stacked one upon another. From the outside we can see the actual amount of glass used, but we also know why this is part of the design. Aside from looking very expressive, we know it has great green credentials too.

impressive architecture

Impressive Architecture

Just taking some time to actually look close up to the outside we can really see the detail and take it all in. It is very contemporary, sleek and slender, which allows for a cross flow of ventilation. Although it is used as a public building for now, the lease is only for 35 years. The design was made so that the entire building could easily be converted into offices, should the lease not be renewed. Live in Manchester and fancy working here? It could happen!

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