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The untlold story of cool beds

March 15, 2016
cool beds

We usually buy beds that are more or less similar. A rectangular or square frame and for size; double or king. OK, somewhere there we can fit the single bed.  But what happened to the cool beds?

People find it unnecessary to devote time in buying a bed, which leads them to the most mundane purchases. However, you should know that we spend almost one third of our lives on our beds. If your imagination runs wild, then probably the bed also becomes a portal to otherworldly dimensions. On top of that, it provides proper support and comfort that recharges our batteries. Hence, doesn’t it seem imperative to pay a little bit more attention to these unsung heroes of home decor? And with so many options out there, one begs the question why focusing on mundane beds. In today’s installment of these series then we are telling the unspoken fables of the cool beds.

Take notes and as always, be inspired!

Cool Suspension

cool beds

cool beds elevate via

An utterly speechless bedroom decor will require a bold statement. There are few things that make jaws drop more than a suspending bed. It surely is a far cry from ordinary beds. The benefit of these cool beds, is that they can be added in your DIY to-do list. All you need is four ropes or chains and hooks. Also, there’s no rule which states a hanging bed should stay in the bedroom. In fact, it will look all the more cooler if you suspend it somewhere unusual, like the patio or even the living room. Be daring!

Cool Rocking

cool beds

rocking yourselves to sleep surely is cool via

Dreamers should not confine themselves in mundane beds. They should explore their dreamworld rocking back and forth. Hence the Mood Rocking Bed. The bed is arched on steel frames that literally rock your world. A gently swing and those innocent infant years will rush back into your memory. Reclaimed hardwood adds another dimension of coolness to the bed, making it more of an art than a furniture. To avoid rotting, the hardwood receives a natural finish that is boiled in linseed oil. Its undoubtedly one-of-a-kind creation that rightfully belongs in the category of cool beds.

Cool Functionality

cool beds

is it a chair? is it a bed? We let you decide via emanuele magini

When it comes to small bedrooms, the nonavailability of space can become frustrating. Especially when it comes to choosing a bed, as the options seem somewhat limited. Is there anything else other than a single bed that can fit? Enter the Sosia. The category of cool beds is not all about flamboyant designs. Functionality plays an important role as well. And Sosia is the birth child of extravaganza and practicality. It comprises two seats which when pushed together form a bed. An extend layer of cloth can be wrapped upon the formed bed to offer you some time of lonesome peacefulness. Then you can pull the armchairs asunder and create a nice seating arrangement. Simple, practical and cool.

Cool Deluxe

cool beds

120 soft balls make sure you sleep in heaven via

Very rarely can you find a bed that changes and swifts according to your whims and vices. Well, the Feel Seating System belongs to that rarity. Its large dimensions allow more than one person to drift away in its relaxing essence. It is compiled from 120 balls made out of foam and the upholstery is a special stretch fabric. That gives flexibility to the bed, which can be transformed into any seating arrangement. The only limit is perhaps your own imagination. While its price is a little bit stretched, it surely is one of the cool beds. Besides, can you place a price on such awesomeness?

Cool Book

cool beds

a perfect bed for kids via inkpression.blogspot

Counteracting the difficulties of living in small apartments, especially in urban dwellings, has always given birth to imaginative creations. Above we have seen the Sosia acquiring multi-functionality to overcome such issues. The book bed takes another road. When its not in use, it can be folded to save up space. When its services are needed, it unfolds and the pages act as duvets. Just to make it even more cooler, the pages come in carious illustrations. We are sure that kids will simply adore the book bed.

Cool Future

cool beds

got to love futuristic designs via moebel thoeny

Finally, we will leave you with a bed that stems out of a surreal dream. The otherwise known Lomme, takes an egg-like shape with soft curves that simply creates a stunning visual. The white hues of the bed are not random. They were specifically chosen to match the serenity embedded in the act of sleeping. Wait there’s more. The bed has built in lights, a sound system and an iPod dock. These little features create a bed that can become so much more than its designated function. It can become a relaxation den, a meditation spot or just a quiet nook to escape the hustles of everyday life. That surely puts it up there with cool beds.

There you have it. 6 cool beds that will redefine the way you conceive sleeping. If you liked our list then make sure to check our previous installment of these series with smart kitchen appliances.



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