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Zendesk Office: The Peaceful Approach

March 16, 2016

The Zendesk office is the next space in this series that we will look at more closely. Zendesk started in Copenhagen, by three friends who used an old door for a desk (how innovative is that?). They have created a software that makes customer service support a lot less stressful and well….more zen! It is all about making a more fulfilling relationship between companies and their customers. The question is…is their office a reflection of their ethos?

zendesk office

Zendesk Office

Simplicity is the secret to this office. Staring down this staircase we can see the beauty of the contemporary from all around. Lines control where our eyes are led, which is up/down and all around! The low key colour scheme means the splashes of green are the only thing that really stand out. White and grey and black are all monotone shades, which keep in line with the contemporary theme.

zendesk office


A lot of offices are built in old industrial spaces. We can see the Zendesk office is in an old warehouse (or similar) building by just looking at the ceiling. These large open spaces are great for creating a real sense of air and open-ness. However, most offices need private spaces for meetings and so on, and this is where pods come in. The simplicity of adding a room within a room is brilliant. They are easy to install, soundproof and perfect for offices like this one.

zendesk office

Glass Walls

You know what they say about people in glass houses! We think these glass walls are stunning. The use of a false ceiling brings the ceiling down to a good height. The wooden bench creates a seating area in a corridor. We can see that the orange seats and the wood colour blend with the brick wall behind them. The glass acts as a partition to the space without enclosing it, keeping it all looking and feeling open.

zendesk office

Clean and Simple

The approach of the Zendesk office is that of Zen. They have achieved this in every area available to them. The clean lines, the simple colour choices and the understated thought all make it possible. It is an incredibly peaceful look. We are in no doubt that Zendesk work hard, but the clean working space creates a calm and non chaotic environment for them. So to answer our earlier question…yes, the Zendesk office is a refection of their ethos.

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