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Extraordinary decor: Awesome living room chairs

March 22, 2016
living room chairs

A single object can redefine your decor from mundane to extraordinary. Furniture, for example, can help you drop some jaws. Enter living room chairs.

Living rooms, in general, are rooms where the decorative creativity assembles. Being the social hubs of the house, it leaves no wonder that we want them to be inspiring. In most cases though, this surge of creative vibes is concentrated on decorative elements. Artwork, wallpapers, mirrors, interior landscaping…well you get the point. These are all excellent ways to personalize your living room. However, the simple fact they are widely used in the home decor world makes them ordinary. If you want to move away from the normative, living room chairs have an untapped potential to create an extraordinary decor. In today’s installment of these series then, we are taking a tour around some awesome living room chairs.

Take notes and as always, be inspired.

The Crystalloid Chair

living room armchairs

The geometrical shapes of the chair create a cozy nest for you living room via

For those fascinated with geometrical shapes the Quartz will fit squarely into your living room. Geometrical shapes communicate with us in a language that we rarely understand. They have an innate meaning behind their symmetrical lines that translates into order and organisation. That’s what this chair is all about.

The two dimensional pentagonal and hexagonal wooden structures are blend together to create a three dimensional structure that emits efficiency. The symmetrical shapes are filled with ecological fabric in various color combinations that resemble crystalloid formations. It is one of the most unique living room chairs out here, which springs to mind a bee nest rather than a furniture piece. Indeed, that is extraordinary.

The Rocking Chair

living room chairs

The rocking chair designed by Eduardo Baroni can come in different colors and tastes via

Rocking living room chairs are usually associated with the old fashioned. And it is not an unreasonable association, considering we usually come across grandparents napping back and forth on them. Yet, that doesn’t mean that all rocking chairs fit into the traditional category. Well, at least Mamulengo is anything but old fashioned.

It’s build out of plywood slices in different sizes. The slices are blend together vertically in an asymmetrical fashion which creates a stunning visual. That’s not all though. The pieces are lacquered one by one before they assembled into the chairs. And on top of it all, it has an ergonomic shape that will rock you to and fro until you surrender into a blissful slumber. So, if you have a living room that indulges organic and geometric shapes consider adding such an armchair for that extraordinary decorative touch.

The Artistic Chair

living room chairs

Pop culture in the living room with an awesome chair via

There are living room chairs that bring a funky element into the decor. They set aside their predetermined role as furniture and transcend into artistic pieces. The Tokidoki is such a chair. Its structure is pretty much ordinary, made our of dried hardwood birch and beech. OK, maybe its structure isn’t so ordinary, but that’s not what transcends it. Nor is the high density reflex foam used in the cushions the extraordinary element.

What makes it more of an art than a chair is its upholstery. It takes the form of a canvas that unhinges creativity. The Tokidoki gives a new twist to the British classic chair by becoming a homage of pop culture with lively hues and drawings. If you happen to embrace the pop phenomenon in your decor then this funky piece of art will blend harmoniously. Or, you can simply follow its example and create an upholstery that defies the ordinary with references of your own liking. The choice is definitely yours.

The Knitted Chair

living room chairs

It takes about 45 hours just for the weaving to create this chair- via

When we are talking about extraordinary living room chairs then it’s fairly obvious someone has put a significant amount of work in their creation. The Vermelha, for that matter, needs a week of labor. And somewhat 500 meters of rope. And high specialization. Sounds extraordinary, doesn’t it? The naked chair frame is a compilation of aluminium and steel. The stunning visual is a by-product of hundreds of careful overlapping ropes.

To fully comprehend the amount of work needed for the Vermelha, the 500 meters of rope are hand weaved over the steel-aluminium contour. That is definitely something you can boast to your friends when they come across it in your living room. Probably though they will be to busy trying to catch their dropped jaws rather than hearing the extraordinary tale of the chair.

The Flexible Chair

living room chairs

The chair can take any form and shape you wish via

What happens when you shed the need for metal and opt for the aloofness of cardboard? You end up with FlexibleLove. And there are more than meets the eye with this chair. In fact, one cannot place into the specific category of living room chairs as it expands and contracts into various sitting formations.

Its contour resembles the thin lines of an harp and with a swift movement on the hand it can play magnificent and diverse tunes. That’s what makes it so extraordinary. It can take up to 16 people, as weight is equally distributed among the hundreds of cardboard strings of the flexible chair. A modern and humble element that will uplift your living room decor into the real of uniqueness. Just keep it away from fire.

There you have it. 5 living room chairs that will put the extra into your ordinary. If you liked this article then make sure to check our previous installment of these series with some cool beds.




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