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Amazon Office: An Amazing Space

March 23, 2016
amazon Office

We have all heard Amazon. We all buy from there too, from time to time, but have you ever thought about what the Amazon office looks like? As part of our series, we thought we would bring you a little taste of one of the giants of the internet. Grab a cup of tea and take a little look inside the design of this office. See how they take their space and make it both fun and functional.
amazon Office

Contemporary Setting

All offices need somewhere that staff can sit and eat. The Amazon office had managed to mix contemporary style with colour. The steel greys are complimented by oranges, yellows and greens. This is in the form of fruit, furniture and accessories. The colour really brings a zesty feeling to this dining area. The kitchen is small and cosy, whilst remaining open planned. Light floods in from the windows and the recessed ceiling lights.

amazon Office

Colourful Choices

Mixed media is used here as part of the design. The orange flooring completely contrasts the wooden flooring that surrounds it. The sharp zigzag goes against the grain of the wood and helps separate the seating area from the walkway. Again we can see the use of colour here, with greens and yellows giving a fresh feel, mixed with the warmth of orange. Amazon are really going for a definite look here. And that is something very fresh and modern.

amazon Office


We can see from this alternative kitchen area just how contemporary style and industrial function can work together. It is common to convert old industrial spaces into offices and we can see this by looking at the ceiling. The false ceiling helps bring the space together and doesn’t leave it feeling too open and cold. The sharp edges of the chairs and worktops go well with they subway style tiling on the back wall. ¬†Grey and white offer a classic colour combination here too.
amazon Office

Amazon Office

We see that the work space that amazon have is in keeping with the rest of the interiors we have looked at. The orange and grey carpets are mirrored in the glass walls that hide meeting rooms away. The glass offers enough light, whilst the frosted look gives an element of privacy too. The corridors are wide and we certainly get a sense of space.

Amazon have created wonderfully bright, open and functional offices that are inviting and (we imagine) very fun to work in.

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