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Kansas Library: Look at Books

March 26, 2016
kansas library 3

In our series on architecture, we wanted to continue on the theme of buildings that look like other things, and Kansas Library certainly does that! The library looks like the books that are inside the building and it is genius. It is covered in classic literature that certainly makes you want to explore it further.
kansas library

Kansas Library

The building is seriously like no other. We have never seen anything quite like it. If this was in your town, wouldn’t you visit it all the time? You can read the full names of the books, just in case you were looking for reading inspiration. On a bright and sunny day, the library really comes to life. It looks vibrant and alive.

kansas library


The entrance to the library just as stunning. There is massive attention to detail here. It is accessed by steps on one side and a ramp on the other. If you look just in from of the steps you can see that the concrete has been set to look like books. The theme just keeps going and going here. The addition of the lights (that lead to the carpark) are classic looking. If you keep reading you will see more of this below.

kansas library

Beautiful Inside

The classic look is all over the inside. From the beautiful floors of the Kansas library, to the pillars that help hold it up. The space is large and has stunning chandelier lights to illuminate it. Light also floods in the windows. There is space to read, study or just browse. One thing is certain, style is all over this library.

kansas library

Grand Appeal

The library is grand, without a doubt. The large pillars are painted light which offers a contrast to the dark wood bookshelves. We can see here the benefits those large windows offer too. The architecture here is quirky mixed with classic. From the exterior, you wouldn’t necessarily be expecting such an interior.

The beauty of buildings in this regard is that they can appear fun in one respect and serious in another. It is a beautiful contradiction.

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