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Design Master Class: Details

March 28, 2016
Design Master Class

Hi folks, welcome back to our exciting CoContest Design Master Class series. Last week we talked about the important of positioning, and this week’s design master class session will be taking a more ‘detailed’ approach with a look at the ins and outs of detailing in your home interior.

The rights detail can sway the mood, feel and overall impression of any room. When well presented, it can really enhance a room’s style, even the smallest additions like lampshades, handles, and other interior accents.  Once you’ve ‘gone big’, spare a thought for the finer details. It’ll make all the difference.

Design Master Class

via Laura Casey Interiors

Colourific details

Of all the important details in the home, one of the most crucial is colour. We’ve looked before in our design master class series just how important colour is to the inner success of any room, helping brighten, lighten and dampen with each selected tone and hue. (Take a refreshing read of that here). In the example above, we see the colour detail added neatly as part of the central island, working off the stunning selection of red patterned blinds.

Design Master Class

via Paul Massey

Volume, amount and placement 

When it comes to accessories like ornaments, decorations and curios, it’s crucial that you find the right sport for them in the room. Volume ought to be added slowly, in increments, and stay in keeping with the theme and style of the interior. The example above shows good restraint and poise with it’s volume and placement.

Design Master Class

via Lewis Interiors

Consider your lighting details

Lighting! Let it never be forgotten just how crucial lighting is to any given interior, whether natural or artificial. Well-detailed lighting can make a huge statement – consider the neat approach to lighting in the image above, a fine selection of cupboard candling that gives the space extra warmth, splendor and cosiness.


Design Master Class

via Polly Eltes

Mixing and matching different styles and details

One of the best ways to capitalise on the power of detailing is by mixing and matching details to create a different atmosphere or ambience. Consider your choice of chairs, furniture pieces, styles, and era – just like the neat space above perfectly exemplifies.

Design Master Class

Elsa Young via Elle Decor

Detail can be small, or it might be large

It’s worth remembering that details can come in all shape or forms, and sizes both large and small. In the example above, we see a rather large and colourful detail in the form of this fabulous red cabinet. of course, it’s neatly juxtaposed with the smaller , rustic additions of wicker basket, net accessories (and cool boots!).

Got your details sorted? On the right track at least? We hope you enjoyed this installment – stay tuned for more fabulous design tips in the weeks to come…

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