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5 amazing bookshelf designs

March 29, 2016
bookshelf designs

Book lovers rejoice(the rest of the world too). In today’s installment of these series we are looking at some amazing bookshelf designs.

That smell of ink and paper is hard to replace. That is one of the reasons the publishing industry of hard copy books is still standing tall against the digital era’s invasion. It’s hard to find a house that doesn’t have books. Perhaps not everyone has the long series of Alex Cross, but there will definitely be a few books laying around. And bookshelves are the quintessential decorative instruments to display books in their full glory. While a simple wall shelf might suffice, one can dig a little bit deeper and bring a unique touch into the house decor with inspiring bookshelf designs. After all, books have been the infantry against prejudice and outdated norms,  so they deserve a throne to rest and be marveled.

Let’s see then some amazing bookshelf designs. Take notes and as always, be inspired.

The Equilibrium Shelves

bookshelf designs

The unique design of the Equilibrium can hold up to 72 Kg of books via malagana design

There are bookshelf designs that just seemed to defy any logic. The Equilibrium, for example. makes you wonder if you are Alice going down a rabbit whole into a surrealistic dream. Does its modules really levitate, or is it just an illusion? Well, there is no reason to worry about being chased by a big headed Red Queen. The modules, staked on top of each other in an angled point, are held together by a cantilever.

If you think that the unique bookcase lacks sturdiness, then you will be sadly mistaken. The floating compartments can hold up to 160 lb, or 72 Kg depending on which metric unit you register. Thus, your magazine and book collections can rest without fear in this amazing furniture piece. Oh, and lest we forget, the Equilibrium can be assembled in just 5 minutes without any tools. If you think that takes the magic out of it, then just tell your friends it really does levitate.

The Book Rack

bookshelf designs

Fun, unique and elegant way of hanging your books via agustav

Book covers are by themselves an art. It stands to reason, then, that they should by displayed as artistic pieces. Enter the oak book rack. You can hang your books with a set of 12 pins in a simple and beautiful exhibition. The pins also act as bookmarks. And that’s not all. The pins can be detached from the rack spine and rearranged according to you whims. The book rack-as a genuine bookshelf- takes into account the safety of your books. Small wooden plates are installed for the books to sit. These plates have the benefit of moving back and forth, giving you the option to align books of different sizes.  Bookshelf designs rarely come so novel. In fact, it’s so unique that the company making it asks 2 weeks patience, after purchasing, in order to handcraft it.

The Bookshelf Lamp

bookshelf designs

Light, books, action! via Tembolat Gugkaev

Tembolat Gugkaev is responsible for some jaw dropping bookshelf designs. They all purport to transcend their predetermined roles. The WHA Cabinet is no exception. In its most simple form this tiered bookcase arches elegantly, giving a multitude of storage options without taking much space. Then, with a simple flick of a switch the lights come on. Firstly, a relaxing white light pours from its tip creating a perfect reading nook. Afterwards, hidden lights in vibrant hues illuminate the shelves, transforming the elegant bookcase into a pop culture display. The shape of this unique bookshelf is a question mark, but it really raises no questions as to whether it will fit into our living rooms.

The Puzzle Shelf

bookshelf designs

The pieces of the the bookcase puzzle invite you to play with them via

Dripta Roy has some amazing designs under his belt. The Ousama bookshelf, though, is beyond amazing. It’s rioting the world of bookshelf designs with ingenuity and some fun. The components of the bookshelf are pieces of a puzzle that can be removed and rearranged into a multitude of combinations. It really has a beguiling look of immense probabilities. If one wishes to, the display of literature can become a playful room divider. Or, the bookcase can be broken down into its various pieces and scattered across the house. The Ousama is not just for bookworms, you see, but also for interior design lovers. We can certainty say its a win-win situation.

The ABC Bookshelf

bookshelf designs

Write any word you want with the ABC BookCase via

Our list of amazing bookshelf designs comes to its summit with the ABC BookCase. The aspiring design by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti uses modular cubes carved with numbers and letters. The purpose is to exploit the full potential of a bookcase in a novel manner. As the different cubes take different letters, one can combine them to produce any word. And given that there are numerous ways of arranging the modular cubes, the display of books will never be boring. In fact, this versatile piece of furniture can become a personality mirror, as you arrange and rearrange the cubes to tell your story.

There you have it. With so many e-books and online magazines, it’s quite refreshing to see unique bookshelf designs that actually celebrate the tangible books. As bookshelves might turn out to be nostalgic furniture in the near future, such amazing designs ignite a hope they will remain relevant.

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