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TechHub: Where Tech Meets Function

March 30, 2016

This week in our co-working office series, we are going to look at TechHub office. TechHub offer spaces, both physical and virtual, for startups. The co-working spaces offer entrepreneurs the chance to meet an exchange ideas whilst getting their business up and running. Providing a space that means you don’t have to seek out offices, saves money and makes business sense.


From the outside, the TechHub space is bright and appealing. The building has been brought back to life and stands out with the bright window lights. You certainly wouldn’t miss it! If you are a young startup needing an affordable space, then offices like this are the perfect starting point. You can go and share ideas with other small business and get help to create your own. There is internet, meeting rooms and all the tea you can drink.


Get Creative

Open and shared office space helps people be creative. A place to meet like minded people and really let ideas flow. By keeping decoration neutral, it guarantees that no-one is going to get offended. TechHub aim to have a turnover of business’s using their space for short whiles, whilst they establish themselves. For this reason they need to ensure their space is hardwearing and appealing.


Up Close

…and personel. Sharing office space like this isn’t for everyone. You are in quite close quarters with other people, as space is limited. We love the simplicity of the design with a minimalist industrial feel to it. There is nothing to fancy or pretentious with TechHub. It is what it is, and that is why it works.



In this image we can see how they make this colour windows light up. They have simply used strip lighting to create this effect. Wood is used a lot on the floors and walls. This is because it is cheap, hardwearing and a green option. A chill out area is a common theme that we have seen in all the offices we have looked at. It is something that is considered as important as a meeting room nowadays.

The offices at TechHub are certainly not as high-tech as some other spaces we have seen, but they certainly are fit for function, and for a budget option, we praise them.

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