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Feature Blogger: (my) unfinished home

March 31, 2016
feature blogger

Welcome back again to the latest CoContest Feature Blogger series! We hope you’ve been enjoying it thus far. Last week we looked at the brilliant and comprehensive partner team at Young House Love. This week, we’re keeping things interesting with a look at another awesome feature blogger: (my) unifinished home.

feature blogger

via (my) unfinished home


(my) unfinished home is an interior design, photography and lifestyle blog with a minimalist touch, with a penchant for Nordic design and culture in particular. The blog was founded in 2013 by Bianca Wippe, a designer who straddles the media arts and visual art realms. With a keen interest in broad design, Bianca’s site reflect her design sensibilities and personality, a curious and witty collection of great features and DIY tips.

feature blogger

Object Company via (my) unfinished home

Gorgeous objects for the home

One of the best things about Bianca’s blog is her focus on unique stylish objects, especially object for the home, like these gorgeous ones depicted above. There’s no shortage of great tips and snippets on (my) unfinished home.

feature blogger

Tine K Home via (my) unfinished home

Impressive stylistic advice for your abode

As well as gorgeous objects, Bianca delivers with a range of stylistic advice for your abode, all sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and ultra accessible.

feature blogger

Elle Decor via (my) unfinished home

House tours and vintage delights

Another brilliant feature of Bianca’s work is the way she takes a peek into a range of different homes and houses: house tours with a focus on sensational vintage delights, like the one above.

feature blogger

T Magazine via (my) unfinished home

Not just interiors!

At the end of the day, for all its minimalism, (my) unfinished home is an in-depth, comprehensive feature design blog that covers heaps of ground – not just awesome interiors, but a whole of destination features too. Be sure to check it out!


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