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Harpa Concert Hall: Architectural Music

April 2, 2016
harpa concert hall

The Harpa concert hall and conference centre is quite different from the library we looked at. In Reykjavík, you can visit this stunning building. It was designed by two architects firms and the artist Olafur Eliasson. The asymmetrical design is flawless and captivating.
Harpa Concert Hall


The glass structure is beautiful from the outside. On a clear and calm day, it casts the perfect reflection onto the water. You get a true sense of the colours coming from the glass bricks. The shape of the building is part of the appeal, and it is a true piece of modern architecture. It is so far from the traditional concert halls that we are used to seeing.

harpa concert hall

LED Lights

The glass bricks are made with glass and steel and illuminated with LED lights. This creates the stunning look that we saw reflected above. The shape is very geometric and almost looks like a beehive. Light flows in through the glass to give the interior a fantastic effect. So it doesn’t only look amazing from the outside, it looks wonderful from the inside too.

harpa concert hall

Harpa Concert Hall

The hall itself is large and spacious. The height offers amazing acoustics and is spread over four levels. The design is simply beautiful and you can just imagine listening to music in here and loosing yourself in the ambience.

Harpa concert hall

An Inside Look

We can get a real sense of of scale and size in this image. The  sheer size and space inside the hall is phenomenal. The building itself is like a work of art. The light literally pours over the stairs and the floor through the glass. We can see here the coloured glass on the inside and the three dimensional glass bricks that make the framework. All of the glass makes the outside feel like it is part of the building and creates a wonderful open feeling.

This building is certainly a top design and worth a trip to see.

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