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Style and Aesthetics : Interior Design 101

April 4, 2016
style and aesthetics

Welcome, folks to the all-new, all-fresh CoContest interior design how-to principles series: Interior Design 101, an expose on all the most important interior design ins and outs (and how to utilize them to make the most of your interiors). Last week, we closed out the Interior Design Master Class series with a look at detailing. This week, kicking things off again, we’re diving into the wonderful world of style and aesthetics. Read on!

style and aesthetics

via Paul Massey

What is style?

Style, unlike some of the other fundamental design elements and principles (colour, balance, unity, etc.), is a little trickier and a tad more elusive to pin down. We can talk, on one hand, about the type of ‘style’ someone may have used when designing their rooms – whether it evokes a stylistic era from the past, for example; or how it utilizes cutting edge modern flourishes, accessories and trimmings to create its mood and feel. Harder to define is whether or not someone has achieved a ‘stylistic’ design – in the sense that they’ve used style well. Generally speaking, like all things of quality (give and take a little room for subjective preferences) we know style when we see it – and the example above is a good case in point. This leads un on to aesthetics…

style and aesthetics

Jake Curtis via House & Garden

How to design an aesthetically pleasing interior

Aesthetics relate to a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of art, beauty, and taste, and the creation and appreciation of beauty. In the interior design context, it has to do with what is or isn’t considered ‘good’. As we mentioned, this can be a subjective thing, so it’s important to consider aesthetics within a broad context. Without getting too deep into it, when we talk about aesthetics we’re taking about beauty: interior designs that please the eye and mind.

style and aesthetics

via Vogue

Common mistakes to avoid

There will always be subjective tastes, but I think we can paint broad strokes with regard to the above picture here, and suggest that the aesthetics and style are, well…perhaps a bit ‘off’. Note the conflicting colours in the carpet and couches; the cluttered feel resulting from the side tables and shelving units…to say nothing of the curtains. Yup, this place could probably do with a bit of an style and aesthetics overhaul.

style and aesthetics

via Polly Eltes

Get inspired online!

Unsure whether you’re a stylistic whiz, or aesthetic criminal? The good news is, there are so many fabulous resources online these days to help guide you through the process. We’ve covered some great ones here already (with more to come). Get loading, get reading, and get your sweet style and aesthetics on.

style and aesthetics

via a&h Architecture

Choose a colour theme for a flawless finish

There are a lot of ways to create and enhance good style in an interior setup, but one of the classic go-to’s is a sensible and clever choice of colour. Consider employing a vital, refined, cohesive colour scheme that creates an instant sense of unity and mood in your above. The above picture is a fabulous example: clear, crisp white, brightly lit and aerated – stylish white for an effortlessly chic and highly satisfying aesthetic.

Stay tuned for more interior goodness coming up soon.


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