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How to create a heavenly home: stunning villa design ideas

April 5, 2016
villa design ideas

In a pocket of lavish green land, Filippo Maria Recchi had an ambition to create a small heavenly district of villas. So, he set a contest on CoContest to get some creative villa design ideas.

In the past the magnificent villas were a symbol of status quo. Only powerful citizens were privy to them. The status quo changed though. While villas remained heavenly drops of architecture in a pond of mundane urban designs, they opened up their gates to the general public. Filippo looked to capitalize on the awe factor inherent to villas. The small district he wanted to create had 4 villas, each a clone of the other. So, the designers and architects were instructed to bring villa design ideas for the interior and exterior of just one building. Let’s see then how Filippo imagined the exterior and interior design of the villa.

Take notes, and as always be inspired.

The exterior design: a classic reference

villa design ideas

How Filippo imagined the exterior; borrowed influences from the classic American estates with a modern twist

Filippo wanted a villa with only one deck and covered by curved tiles. A throwback to the classic American allure. The opulence of the open land meant there was an opportunity to create a porch. In fact, the client requested in the villa design ideas the porch to take a quarter of the floor plans. The neighboring space of the porch was instructed to become a parking space. As for the color combinations of the facade; they had to abide with the surrounding environment. That could only imply simple touches of earthly tints.

The interior design: a bold reference of height

villa design ideas

Filippo envisioned the one deck villa to remain true to the grandiose character of its predecessors

The contestants were instructed to design a villa with a maximum height of 7.5 meters. In comparison to urban estates, which tend to reach a maximum of 3 meters including the satellite dish, the villa was set to become a pretty tall building. When it came to the interior, the villa design ideas had to make plans for two bedrooms, one of which would have a matrimonial style. Filippo wanted to stay faithful to the American classic vibe, so he preferred the living, kitchen and dining room to exist in an open plan design. As a matter of fact, he suggested the kitchen to have a large island; the pivotal element of the American classic decor. The requests for the interior design reached their summit with two bathrooms and an ancillary room. The heavenly district of villas was thus pending the proposals form the contestants.

Lets’ see then the villa design ideas from different architects and designers.

The super massive porch

villa design ideas

The porch became a focal point of this proposal, with a parking lot in gravel situated next to it

Milenko Chlebowski contemplated on how to exploit the open space in an optimum manner. So, his villa design ideas cumulated into this amazing proposal. A large porch was elevated on cemented floor and took a significant portion of the villa. The spacious porch was covered with a flat wooden roof as a safeguard against the bad whims of weather. Hence, the outdoor space became a social hub for all year long. Of course, the wooden elements of the porch met perfectly with the rusticity envisioned by Filippo. A small pocket of lawn and a swimming pool complemented the lavish porch.

The open plan living area

villa design ideas

An open plan living idea that embraced white and divided three areas splendidly

The villa design ideas of the interior space proposed by the contestants were focused on an open plan living space. After all, that was the request of the client. Andrea Cavagna encapsulated the open plan notion by presenting three functional spaces. The kitchen and dining room took place on one side of the room. A corner sofa functioned as a divisional element for the living room. And the magnificent stone fireplace in a central position divided the high traffic living area from the low tones of the dedicated study nook. An exceptional usage of the single deck villa with an exemplified preference on natural materials, either in wood or stone. Simply put, Andrea won the contest.

The serene ancillary room

villa design ideas

In the villa design ideas, the ancillary space was created with tranquility in mind

Andrea Andrich configured the ancillary room as a semi-detached space. Thus, the room could easily switch between various functions. In his villa design ideas, Andrea envisioned the detached room as a sphere of seclusion and gave it its own private entrance. The room could perfectly foster the creative side of the occupiers. As for the interior decor, Andrea went for a grounded combination on hues. White took up the walls as the backdrop color and was mixed harmoniously with the easy going tints of beige, brown and green. However, the element that set this idea apart was its amazing view. The garden was one breath away from the ancillary room.

The matrimonial bedroom

villa design ideas

Wood, checked. White walls, checked. Majestic sophistication, checked.

Filippo aspired to create a small district of rustic heaven with the villas. And Marija Cvejić followed suit Filippo’s wishes. The master bedroom, reserved for a couple, was the epitome of elegant classiness in Marija’ s villa design ideas. The goal of the architect was to create an impactful interior. Hence, wood in dark shades dressed the floor and furniture as an exhibition of grandiose coziness. A false ceiling added an element of simplicity in the room and the white hues created a calm atmosphere, perfect for the functions of the bedroom. The contrast between wood and white was purposeful. It glorified the visual imprint of the matrimonial bedroom.

There you have it. The villa design ideas remained faithful to the traditional awe aspiring architecture embedded in the buildings. In an urbanization that felt prey of homogeneous designs, such villas provided a fresh breath of diversity. So, if you wished to have a heavenly house that is set apart from the ordinary consider these stunning villa design ideas.

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