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Interior Blogger and DIYer: Homey Oh My!

April 7, 2016
feature blog and diyer

Welcome to the latest in the acclaimed CoContest feature interior blogger series! Last week we took a peek at an interior design blog (my) unfinished home, and today we are looking at the DIY focused blog: Homey Oh My!

feature blog and diyer

via Homey Oh My!

The face behind the DIY art

Founded in September 2013 by interior DIY Californian superstar, Amy, Homey Oh My is a repository of brilliant DIY interior tips and tricks. With a focus on her life in L.A, Amy shares a range of great creative ideas for modern living, including simple tutorials, decor sources and design inspirations.


feature blog and diyer

via Homey Oh My!

Fabulous DIY projects to fill your home with style

Homey Oh My remains one of our favorites here at CoContest, and it’s largely due to its fabulous array of cool DIY projects to full your home with style. Like this great Memo board pictured above.

Taking it easy today 💐 Happy Easter!

A photo posted by Amy Kim (@homeyohmy) on

A peek inside the Homey Oh My! bedroom…

Through her well curated Instagram channel, Amy provides a keen insight into her world and her life in L.A, like these little snippets inside the official Homey Oh My bedroom.

feature blog and diyers

via Homey Oh My!

Regular posts to keep you updated on all things beautiful! 


Expect a regular, steady stream of inspired design ideas at Homey Oh My: regular posted to help keep you in the know and updated on all things beautiful!

feature blog and diyer

via Homey Oh My!

A DIY project for any occasion! 

If we’ve learned nothing else from the wonderful Homey Oh My, it’s that there is a DIY project for pretty much any and every occasion. Amy’s got you covered with some truly great tips and ideas, so get on board and let her show you the way forward. A truly inspired interior blogger!

We hope you enjoyed that one, folks! More brilliant interior bloggers and DIYers coming up soon!

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