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WeWork’s Office: Making Space Work

April 9, 2016

WeWork’s office space is the latest in our series to look at coworking office space. The premise of WeWork is to offer virtual office space to startup business people. The idea is simple. A new business can avoid the huge worry and cost of having to set up a whole office. By using and sharing a space with other people, they get affordable rent and a brilliant space to work in. From desks, to private offices and meeting rooms, it is all catered for.

wework's office

WeWorks’s Office

You can rent a space that is your own (as shown) or share a space with others, depending on your budget. It is almost like flat sharing and is a really financially and environmentally economical way to do business. You can put your own stamp on your space with some office accessories, so it doesn’t have to feel like a generic room. Some wall art is a great way to make it feel like your own.

wework's office

Shared Dreams

A neutral working space can create a harmonious environment. A shared area is a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs and chat over ideas. The wooden tones create a homely warmth Large windows let light flow from one side to the other too. The lampshades on the roof are large and luminous , but the coverings make them feel friendly and not too harsh.

wework's office

Glass Walls

Glass is a very contemporary design feature. Gone are the days of cubicles and walls. These days everyone wants to feel that they are in an open space with lots of light and no boundaries. Glass is a cheap and durable material that can give seclusion, whilst remaining open. You can close the door for privacy and still be seen. It allows light to move through the building and doesn’t leave you feeling closed in. It is a great design feature.

wework's office

Down Time

All work and no play…well, we all know the saying. WeWork’s office offers users not only space to work, but space to chill out. Sit back and relax on big comfy sofas, or play a game. This could be a great way to hash out frustrations or ideas! The red and yellow colours give a bit of personality to the room and the lighting is fun and playful to match.

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