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Amazing hotel design ideas for an old building renovation

April 12, 2016
hotel design ideas

In the previous installment of the contest series we saw the first stage of Massimo Castangia’s master plan to renovate an old building. For the next stage he sought out some amazing hotel design ideas.

The client’s plan was simple.  As we already saw the ground floor of the old building was converted to a restaurant. This time, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors were set to transform into a charming hotel. As the hospitality industry in the cosmopolitan district of historic Cagliari flourished Massimo envisioned the hotel to become a beacon of uniqueness. Naturally, he wanted to abandon the overwhelming use of traditional elements in the surrounding establishments. Instead, the hotel design ideas should reflect a sophisticated interplay of modernity and coziness. The intention was, after all, to attract a specific breed of clientele that expanded beyond the boarders of Sardinia.  Let’s see then how Massimo imagined his hotel.

Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

A diversity of interior design: bedroom reference

hotel design ideas

Massimo envisioned the bedrooms to be a reciprocity of colors and emotions

The old building was relatively small. It had an available space of 8 rooms that could subsequently be converted into bedrooms. Of course, as with every hotel, Massimo envisioned the bedrooms to be a conglomeration of small suits and superior doubles. That allowed him to tap into a wider pool of guests; from families to couples.

Unlike every hotel though the client had a specific vision for the bedrooms. The hotel design ideas had to make each room its own thing. That meant different furniture, colors and decor. And each should represent one beach of Sardinia. The uniqueness was meant to create a lore behind the hotel that could elevate it into a point of reference in the cosmopolitan district of Cagliari.

A step away from the neoclassical: bathroom reference

hotel design ideas

Lights, Space, Colors. Go! Masimmo’s vision for the bathrooms married lavishness with elegance

When it came to the bathrooms Massimo instructed the contestants to get creative. The classical and neoclassical look that was abused in the area had to be abandoned.  In its place the hotel design ideas should incorporated a soft palette that corresponded to a modern interior. Most importantly though the bathrooms had to drop some jaws with their luscious use of space. No less than 3 square meters.

The contestants had to consider though that the client didn’t intent to bring down the house completely. In fact there were historical ties which set certain restrictions, especially when it came to the facade. Hence, the restoration efforts were focused on the interior structure with all encompassing repairs to bathrooms, walls, ceilings, floors and ventilation systems.  The lobby shared a similar fate. As the first point of contact though it had to emanate a welcoming allure with a colorful mix of colors and lights. In a bulk, Massimo envisioned a modern hotel that wasn’t completely out of tune with its surrounding environment.

Let’s see then the hotel design ideas by different designers and architect’s.

A welcoming lobby

hotel design ideas

A modern and welcoming design that uses tints of blue in furniture, walls and glassy walls

The lobby was the representation of the hotel’s character. At least that was the proposition of architect Giovanni La Femina. A powerful reflection of the idle marine life was thus incorporated in his hotel design ideas. The ever important color schemes elaborated on hues of blue and white. An amplified reminiscence of the serene environment so casually found in coastal cities.

There was another underlying purpose behind the use of blue. In the realm of color psychology the specific tint correlates with calming behavior that is the epitome behind a lobby’s functions. As for the furniture arrangements modern sofas acted as a divisions for a small TV nook, while in the far back an array of tables welcomed guests for breakfast.

A bedroom guide: the superior double

hotel design ideas

The naked pendants added another touch of elegance to the bedroom decor

Following a charming lobby design that hinted on the marine life of Cagliari, the bedrooms had to swim in similar waters. The only condition was that each bedroom should be a special drop of design. Interior designer Arca followed that condition to the letter. One of his hotel design ideas for a spacious double bedroom established an apparent link with the beaches of Sardinia. Above the bed’s headboard a wallpaper depicted a rocky beach at a sunset.

Wallpapers had always been a versatile decorative element that appealed to the visual senses. And they could be easily changed according to whims. Opposite the amazing wall a dressing table added an element of opulence. We could describe this amazing design with two words: sophisticated modernity.

A bedroom guide: the cozy single

hotel design ideas

A soft palette of hues with a blue wall to remind you of the sea

For interior designer Ewa Kalisz the reminiscence to the maritime living conditions of the cosmopolitan district was achieved through an interplay of colors and materials. Neutral hues of grey and white mixed together wonderfully on the drapes and bed sheets. A rug in various blue hues decorated the floor. And wood was incorporated on the bed frame, chair and table. Her hotel design ideas managed thus to become a nexus of modern decor and cozy atmosphere. Ewa also tried to manipulate the space by adding an open shelving unit. In small spaces shelves are an ace under the decorative sleeve, as they allow organizational efficiency without taking up space. Simply practical.

A fluid bathroom

hotel design ideas

The free standing sink from stone set the precedence in the bathroom

In the hotel design ideas of Andrea Dessì the bathrooms acquired an organic and fluid arrangement to match the planimetric configuration of the bedrooms. The walls bent gracefully in an inactive motion appropriate to a calmer sensation. A modern decor that kept its ties with the history of the city by including a bidet along with the toilet. Andrea definitely matched Massimo’s vision for stunning bathrooms, don’t you think?

There you have it. Massimo planned to take the best of this amazing hotel design ideas and conglomerate them in bringing his plan to fruition. And who could blame him with such a plethora of exquisite proposals. The hotel was on the road to become a well-known spot.

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