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Hera Hub’s Office: Women Only

April 16, 2016
hera hub's office

To take our co-working series in a slightly different direction, we are going to take a look at Hera Hub’s office, a space just for women. With shared space, workshops and other creative women, the Hub gives women the perfect platform to allow them to be heard.

hera hub's office

Hera Hub’s Office

Large and open spaces make us feel less claustrophobic. Hera Hub’s offices have open spaces in abundance. The light walls are contrasted by the dark floors. We can see that things are quite basic and this isn’t a mistake on Hera’s part. By using low cost furniture, they keep costs down for their clients. And a table is a table, regardless of price. The point is to reduce costs for those in a start up. The ceiling is very industrial, and this is a very common theme we have seen in many offices we have looked at. Co-working spaces really bring old, unused buildings into work and use. It is recycling on a massive scale.

hera hub's office

Bright Light

Dark and dingy offices are long gone. We love light, it makes us more productive and feel relaxed. Large windows make light flow and offer a source of heat. There is a hanging chair in the perfect position here too. You can sit and reflect in the sunshine, without having to leave the office. We can also spot some inspirational words on the wall, in case you are having a moment where the ideas just stop.

hera hub's office


Sitting on a standard chair isn’t the always the most comfortable. Gym balls aren’t just there for fitness either! We can see the giant balls tucked under the tables here for those who want to use them. It encourages a better core and you will probably sit up straighter as a result. Or you could just bounce around if you get really bored!


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