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Wondrous Wallpaper: Interior Design 101

April 18, 2016
wondrous wallpaper

Hi folks! Welcome to a brand new CoContest Interior Design 101 session. To get your design memories firing, last week we looked at some of the best ways of using patterns in and around the home, and this week we are going to be taking a peek at wondrous wallpaper and how to incorporate it into the domestic abode.

Has any other interior trend come more full circle than wallpaper? Appearing on the scene under Queen Anne in the 18th Century, rising to peak vogue in the early 19th, wallpaper’s popularity fluctuated constantly during the mid 20th: one minute hot, the next minute not. Whatever the case then, wallpaper has once again shown its capacity for renewal and reinvention, shirking its last century kitchiness with fresh designs, potential and flair.

wondrous wallpaper

via Ferm Living

Why wallpaper?

Why wallpaper? Two words: ugly walls. We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all had them at some point in our domestic lives. While paint can do the trick, it can be an expensive, arduous and nostril-achingly fickle process. As an alternative, wallpaper today can easily come off suitably stylish, with a huge range of personalised options and budget ranges.

wondrous wallpaper

via Farrow & Ball

Lively and energetic

Gone are the days of gold tinged browns, heavy greys and paisley. Today, wallpaper is as fresh as a bright bouquet of dandelions if you want it to be. A great way to open up your world to the power and panache of modern wallpapering can be through taking a look at a few online boutiques, including:

This gorgeously bright floral pattern in the example above is ‘Kensington Chartreuse’ from Farrow & Ball. Very classy.

wondrous wallpaper

via Christina Murphy Interiors

Using wallpaper in compact rooms

Another great trick with wallpaper is that it can help create an effortless sense of spaciousness in an otherwise poky, confined and compact space. Where paint and de-cluttering can’t make the difference, wondrous wallpaper can pick up the slack and create great results. This example above from Christina Murphy Interiors is a sleek example of wallpaper that has brightened and enhanced an extremely compact bedroom space.


wondrous wallpaper

Sarah Hogan via House & Garden

Easily made mistakes

Of course, there’s no complete carte blanche with any design addition – when working with wondrous wallpaper, it’s important to acknowledge its shortcomings, or at least, how not to use it. If, for example, you happen to be using a mural-styled wallpaper, give yourself enough room to breathe – using constricting patterns in small areas can be a big mistake waiting to happen.

wondrous wallpaper

via Rachel Whiting

Go wild for a fun and unique space!

More often than not, however, feel free to go wild with your wallpapering and enjoy the comforts of a brilliant, fun and unique domestic space. Choose bold hues and designs to add life and personality to any and every room. And when in doubt, take a few cues from the room above!

Wallpaper – back in vogue. We hope you enjoyed that one. Stay tuned for more great design tips to come on CoContest soon.


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