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Simple guide for living small: studio renovation ideas

April 22, 2016
studio renovation ideas

Giovanni Miccoli recently bought a studio at the top flight of an old building. Old enough that the studio was ruled by outdated notions of interior decor. So, Giovanni searched for some studio renovation ideas.

The studio overlooked the center of Bologna and the grand central station. For someone, like Giovanni, who spend his life on the road there was a poetic semblance about the studio’s location. He could peer through the balcony lives coming and going. But, that didn’t change the fact the studio was in a bad shape. It was in dear need of a change. Living small, after all, requires a few tricks in the affairs of decor. So, naturally, Giovanni sought the opinion of experts. He set a contest on CoContest looking for studio renovation ideas. In this installment of this series then we shall look upon Giovanni’s needs for the revitalization of his newly bought studio.

Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

The shape of the studio

studio renovation ideas

Old cabinets, coating and floors marked the needed change for the studio

The studio for Giovanni had a secondary use. It would be the intermediate stop in between his travels. A piedàterre if you may. When not there, Giovanni considered renting the studio. Students, professionals, or whomever was interested. So, the contestants were partially tasked to amp the value of the little place with their studio renovation ideas.

The studio was separated into a kitchen and a living room/bedroom. For Giovanni that seemed to be a functional separation. But that didn’t mean it was the best possible arrangement. The same could be said for the bathroom. A possible shift that benefited the studio was welcomed.

A reference for the studio

studio renovation ideas

Giovani envisioned a modern interior decor that allowed sunlight in and definitely a new floor

How did Giovanni envisioned the decor though? Open plan-living was the keyword. A modern decor with new floors, paint-jobs and furniture would complement the enlarged space. While the prevalent use for the bedroom was for one person, namely Giovanni, he threw a hint to the contestants that some times a guest might appear. So, they were indirectly tasked to find a way of housing two people under the same roof. Given the small nature of the studio, that was a challenge.

The requirements then were set and the competition was on. Let’s see how different designers and architects met the challenges with their studio renovation ideas.

Studio renovation ideas: living room #1

studio renovation ideas

A modern decor in this proposal, with an interplay of white and grey tints adding a layer of elegance

For CM architects, the studio renovation ideas contained limited reconfiguration of the space. The kitchen would just connect with the living room in an open plan living. And the bedroom would remain a separate room. While in small spaces walls often limit perception and the distribution of light, the small studio had the advantage of a balcony. Sunlight poured in unhindered.

The white walls helped to enlarge the perception of the living room/kitchen by reflecting the balcony pouring light. The kitchen took a modern and functional character, fitted on the wall. And the corner sofa contained a glove box; perfect for amplifying the storing solutions of the small apartment.

Studio renovation ideas: living room #2

studio renovation ideas

A new wooden floor matched the minimal decor; it also raised the value of the studio

For Julia Vin the need for storage solutions for the studio meant shelves. A wall full of them. Shelves are always a practical solution when it comes to small spaces. For Julia, though, the reconfiguration of space was kept at a minimum. The living room, kitchen and bedroom were defined each and every one separately.

Instead of adjusting the space, the interior designer played with the colors and material to achieve ambiance. Graffiti black on the front of a warm white blended together to create a contemporary chic environment.

Any excess in furniture was shed and replaced by a minimalistic decor. Free of stuff, free of space.

Studio renovation ideas: bedroom #1

studio renovation ideas

The decor hinted on contemporary with a wall dressed in green hues of geometrical shapes

MO+DRV architects decided to overcome the limited square feet with multifunctionality. The bedroom married the study room. And together they became a multipurpose sleeping area. Hence, the room was adaptable to the needs of Giovanni, or any other guest.

In line with the multi-facet character of the sleeping area, a movable plasterboard provided recessed shelves for storage. Note the movable aspect. That meant the room could shape shift. Another bonus part for small spaces. And it also added a sort of magical vibe to the decor that increased its market value.

Studio renovation ideas: bedroom #2

studio renovation ideas

The proposal played with lively combinations of red and blue giving to the decor a more youthful appeal

While the bedroom proposal above acquired a multifunctional character, there was something missing. What? The little hint by Giovanni to house a guest when the occasion arose. Well, studio Pianta Libera didn’t leave the hint drop. In their studio renovation ideas they managed to find a way to house two people under one roof.

Two beds were included next to each other. One was set above a closet, accessible through a ladder. The other was a foam mattress laid above drawers. In a few words, the studio ingeniously converted the storage area into a modern sleeping nook. That’s some use of space.

Studio renovation ideas: bathroom

studio renovation ideas

A light and modern decor that played with beige, white and red hues

The last piece of the puzzle for the studio renovation ideas was the bathroom. In small bathrooms there are a few necessary rules too follow. Big cabinets are a big no. They take a bulk of the necessary space. Federico La Mota, then, took care of the storage needs in the bathroom with a small cabinet fastened to the wall.

He also took advantage of the space under the sink. Another rule in small spaces are reflective surfaces. Besides the obvious mirror, Federico installed a glass partition for the shower, enlarging the perception of the bathroom. Simple, practical and modern.

There you have it. If you are living small then take a cue from these amazing studio renovation ideas to make you home appear larger than it is. Oh, and if you like this contest then don’t miss the previous installment of this series with design ideas for a juice bar. A little preview: There’s a lot of green!

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