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Airbnb’s Office – Classic meets Contemporary

April 30, 2016
Airbnb's office

In continuing our series of co-working spaces, we thought we would have a look at Airbnb’s office space. Airbnb are a unique site offering local places to stay in countries all around the world. Users can browse rooms online (which are usually in local peoples homes), book and enjoy the knowledge that local people can share about the place they are staying.

Airbnb's office

Airbnb’s Office

Airbnb mix modern and classic together really well. This sitting area looks wonderfully classic in style and sits alongside a very modern setting. Its like a step back in time. You get the homely feel with the benefits of modern working. By adding rugs, the area is immediately and instantly separated. A great place to sit and chill, chat and just relax.

Airbnb's office

Wide and Open

The wide open spaces of Airbnb’s office make it feel incredibly contemporary. ┬áThe little touches (or big in this case) of wood make the space feel warmer. Mixed with images of staff, there is the added personal touch too. The glass rail lets light flow and also gives the illusion that there is nothing there. This helps create a sense of space.

Airbnb's office


Airbnb is a business and therefore needs to function. In this image we can see that function meets style. There are workstations to the right and the left, and we can imagine this being a hive of activity during peak times. The wooden shelves break the room up visually and there is (again) the sense that this style is much more homely. Random nicknacks really make it feel likes someones sitting room, rather than an office.

Airbnb's office

Spice it Up

There is nothing like colour to really liven up a space. The mix of greens and oranges adds some spice to this, otherwise, dull space. The dark wood flooring with the light walls is a classic combination. The colour really breaks this up and draws our attention to the desk areas.

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