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Maximising Space: Interior Design 101

May 2, 2016
maximising space

It’s that time again CoContesters! Your weekly Interior Design 101 master class from the design boffins here at CoContest HQ. Last week, we took a brilliant run through the ins and outs of how to design with your pets in mind. This week, we’re taking a look at how to make the most of your interior spaces – particularly, how to go about maximising space.

maximising space

via Hacin + Associates

Why maximise space?

Good question. In this day and age of micro-homes and mobile modular set-ups, ‘small’ living has taken off as a viable and carbon-footprint-friendly alternative to the ‘bigger is better’ approach to domestic living. But however you look at it, space equates to freedom – having more space in and around your home, whatever its size, generally means comfort, ease of use, accessibility, practicality, versatility and thus, efficiency. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a neat modern tudor residence with ample space like this one above?

maximising space

via Mel Yates

Looking at the area as a whole

A great way to maximise space is to first consider the area as a whole. Look at the way you’re placing your furniture and your accessories. Go for the broader view to start with: sketch a draft before you tweak, change or add anything.

maximising space

via a&h Architecture

Volume and placement of furniture

Another key aspect to consider when maximising space relates to the volume and placement of your furniture. Generally speaking, it’s a fine idea to not add too much stuff to begin with – add a piece at a time until the room reaches its desired feel and ambience. Here’s a fabulous example of a fresh, perfectly attended kitchen with sample space.


maximising space

via Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Maximising space in compact and small rooms

Though big spaces are desirable, a lot of us will be working with smaller spaces in our homes. If you’re dealing with a tiny or compact space, don’t fret – smaller spaces can actually be less of a headache to work with than big rooms. Ideally, keep it simple, and go minimal – we can’t stress this point enough. When maximising space, keep only the room’s essentials and work from there.


maximising space

via Rachel Whiting

Easily made mistakes

Just as there are a couple of ‘must do’s’ when it comes to maximising space, so too there are some very easily made mistakes. To begin with, never overfil your cupboards and storage areas – clutter is the antithesis and nemesis of a spacious, breezy, harmonious home. Additionally, don’t add too much furniture or place it in an adverse position that hampers the flow of your home. Keep it neat, like Rachel Whiting attests, and you’ll be on your way to a fabulously liveable, space-maximised home.


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