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Time for a change? Amazing loft design ideas

May 6, 2016
loft design ideas

Somewhere at the borders of Italy and Switzerland, a lake offered its calming view to a loft. The family owning it decided it was time for a change. So, CoContest became their platform to harness some amazing loft design ideas.

A lake view from the living room is stuff made out of dreams. It is one of the three winning lottery tickets for a place. The others being a lush green mountain view and the sea. But, the view itself is not enough. The design of the interior space has to match the privileged location. This simple fact was fully embraced by the clients. They needed fresh loft design ideas.

They had one prime directive in their minds. Any changes should harness the full potential of their best asset. The lake view. All the rooms should take a peek at the majestic scenery. Does that sound difficult to accomplish? Well, given the open nature of a loft it wasn’t impossible. Not at all.

In today’s installment of the contest series then, we look at aspiring loft design ideas. Take notes and as always, be inspired.

The lower deck: a decor reference

loft design ideas

The clients envisioned white to be a primal color in the loft design ideas of the contestants

The clients weren’t interested in a full blown renovation. Rather, their needs pivoted around some small design changes in the interior decor. Add comfortable furniture. Aspiring lighting fixtures. Make the space unique with a few mirrors. An ethanol fireplace. A kitchen bar.

OK. The changes weren’t that small. But, the structure of the loft was off limits. No walls to demolish. No bathrooms to relocate. No kitchen to destroy. Everything were to remain in a co-existing open plan on the lower deck. The additions made, though, had to emanate a modern persona. With a few touches of Italian essence; cozy and stylish.

The upper deck: bedroom reference

loft design ideas

The lake view was non-negotiable!

The upper deck of the loft was reserved for the bedrooms. The clients were a family of four. So, there was a bedroom for the parents and one for the kids. Their requests for the bedrooms were simple enough. King size bed for the parents, single beds for the kids. Office space for the master bedroom, desk for the kids room.

The clients had something more stored for the upper deck though. The addition of a guest bedroom. Of course, the guest room had to abide by the mantra that governed the loft. The amazing lake view. The contestants then, were instructed to add an inside window, or find another way to communicate the amazing environment.

That were the needs of the clients in a nutshell. Let’s see how the contestants envisioned the changes with their loft design ideas.

Loft changes: the kitchen

loft design ideas

Tall cupboards that from floor to ceiling add another modern element in the kitchen decor. The laminate grey hues help a bit too.

The kitchen usually has a double function. One, it’s a food factory. Two, it’s a social hub. And to change seamlessly between its duality, an appropriate decor is required.

Cristian Traistaru, in his loft design ideas, created a magnificent kitchen. A large kitchen island was placed to serve the first function of the kitchen. A kitchen bar extended like an arm from the island. That served the second function of the area. Christian, though, didn’t stop there. No.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in the kitchen. You wouldn’t like to chop onions in the dark, would you? The designer used the popular choices for ceiling lighting fixtures, modern spotlights and stylish pendants. He also used an amazing interplay with spotlights fitted anarchically upon the wall. Not the most popular choice, but definitely the most visually appealing.

Loft changes: the living room

loft design ideas

A little indoors Eden. With a fireplace. And a lake view. Sold!

The kitchen design from Christian hinted on the mixture of modernity and style requested by the clients. When it came to the living room changes, Nemanja Adamovic was inspired by the natural elements surrounding the loft.

His loft design ideas included some interior landscaping. A nook was created that burst into life with a grass carpet and fig plants. It doesn’t take an environmental psychologist to understand that plant life goes beyond its apparent beauty. It creates a tranquil environment by reducing stress and enhancing well being.

Nemanja completed the interior landscape with the addition of an ethanol fireplace and two comfortable armchairs. Just imagine how cozy the winter days will be.

Just a little tip: Any fireplace, whether burning wood or ethanol, consumes oxygen. That surely comes to no surprise. So, make sure to allow fresh air in the room after every use.

Loft changes: master bedroom

loft design ideas

That top window surely feels good in the morning!

Modern. Stylish. A little bit Italian. That were the decorative changes the clients wanted. Giovanna Procopio ensured to incorporate them all in her loft design ideas. Especially when it came to the master bedroom.

Similarly to Nemanja, she was inspired by the surrounding environment. So, the architect dressed the bedroom in wood. The bed. The desk. The floor. The natural material is also considered to be quite robust and is associated with coziness. Two concepts of primal importance for the bedroom. For their own reasons.

As for the decorative changes; wood represented the Italian allure. The stylish element came from the conceptual light globes. And the modernity emanated from the shiny black closets. Simply spectacular. No wonder Gionanna won the contest!

Loft changes: kids bedroom

loft design ideas

The color purple denotes wealth and creativity. Perfect!

We have seen, so far, most of the changes made in the loft. The toughest of them all, though, was the kids bedroom. Why? Because it plays a significant role in their upbringing. It’s a place that stores most of their preadolescence memories.

Alvaro Llaveria Sanchez didn’t fall short with his loft design ideas. The kids bedroom was designed as a place of creativity and relaxation. Two single bunkers were staged in juxtaposition, merged together with a desk. A nice decorative arrangement to foster collaboration between the kids without inhibiting their individuality.

Beyond the furniture though, what strikes as elemental in this design was the use of the color yellow. Following the effect of colors in behavioral patterns, yellow stimulates mental activity while it brings forth emotions of joy. That sounds about right for the children’s bedroom.

Another little tip: When yellow is abused in the decor it can have negative results. The same will apply to any color for that matter. The motto here is moderation.

Loft changes: the guest room

loft design ideas

A TV elevates the value of the guest room. Not suitable for insomniacs though.

The last piece of the puzzle in the loft changes was the creation of a guest room. In any other residence, a guest room would be difficult to join the magnificent lake view. Not for a loft though.

T.SquareArchitects  managed to preserve the privacy needed for a bedroom without sacrificing the loft’s biggest asset. They opted out for an inside window and placed a glass door. A large window on the side opened up the beauty of the lake to the room. In the case the walls of the guest room were opened up to the rest of the loft with an all-glass wall, shutters would have been an excellent choice to safeguard the much needed privacy.

White was chosen for the walls, as a measure to counteract its small nature. Light would just pour in and bounce of the reflective hue. The lighting fixtures and furniture also followed the mantra of the clients; unhindered the lake view.

So there you have it. If you ever felt the time is ripe for a change, then take a cue from this amazing loft design ideas. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have a lake view.

If you are searching for more ideas on how to remodel your home, then check the previous installment of the contest series. It has two amazing bathrooms and a little bit of yin-yang.



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