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Remodelling: Surviving a Home Renovation

May 7, 2016

Hi CoContesters! Hold onto your design hats, because it’s about to get even more exciting here at CoContest HQ. On top of our popular DIY bloggers, and interior design 101 columns, this week we’re beginning a brand spanking new blog series on all aspects to do with surviving a home remodelling and renovation. Read on to learn all about it!


via Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

The kitchen

What better place to start our fresh Saturday remodelling series than with the all-important kitchen. Yes folks, as you well know the kitchen is the central space to any domestic abode: a huddling ganglion, a preparation station, and social centerpiece all in one. For ultimate domestic bliss and harmony, it’s crucial that we get our kitchens right. However, being in the middle of revamping our kitchens can make for a tricky transition. Unless you’re keen on generating extra stress, time and kilograms from eating out each night, it’s a very good idea to invest in a decent alternative or portable kitchen during the remodelling process. The humble microwave can only do so much!

(If you’d like to see more of the brilliant River Ranch remodel above, check it out at Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architect).



via One O

The bathroom

There’s nothing like a bathroom remodelling to really throw off your morning routines. A functional bathroom is almost impossible to live without, so like the kitchen, make sure the remodel gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Things will take time, however, so unless you want to shower at your local gym change rooms (or under the tap outside!) it’s a good idea to invest in a temporary solution, such as a portable bathroom. With every problem comes multiple solutions – consider spending time at a friend’s house during the remodel; better yet, stay in a hotel. If these options aren’t available, you can always ensure you’re remodeling the space piece by piece, one bit at a time, so the whole space isn’t wiped out all at once.

For some of the best bathroom makeovers, check out these stunning before and afters.


Before image: via The Brunette One


Before image: via The Brunette One

The bedroom

When you’re bedroom is being remodeled, it can make things difficult to find a decent night’s rest. We all need somewhere to sleep, so if you can’t move your bed to a different room in the house, it’s a wise idea to invest in a decent temporary bed, or a very comfortable blow up mattress – you might be surprised by the range of great substitute options that exist on the market these days.

Either way, stay inspired with this fab bedroom before and after here.


via Rachel Whiting

The living room

Thankfully, when it comes to the living room, a remodelling task becomes a little more palatable. Though a crucial part of a well-appointed home, it’s not necessarily an essential. The living room is one of the easier rooms to decorate – close it off from the rest of the house in order to prevent any excess dirt or grime floating around the house, and always used plastic sheeting if you’re constructing new walls.


We just adore this living room revamp from Rachel Whiting.


via Residents Understood

The whole house!

If you’re embarking on a full domestic overhaul, then we salute you! Taking on the whole home in one hit can be one of the hardest domestic undertakings you’ll ever experience (some will say with confidence that it’s a sure way to drive even the most sane human being completely bonkers). Given that your domain won’t be terribly liveable, tee up a stay with a friend of family member’s house for a (hopefully) short term stay. Failing that, sort out a fixed term rental if it falls within the budget. For your piece of mind, it’ll be worth it. And of course, tie up all those loose ends and reduce that stress and strain by hiring an efficient, respected project manager!


Check out Katherine and Robert’s brilliant Stanton Park rowhome renovation here.

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