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Breathe a new life: 6 apartment remodeling ideas!

May 10, 2016
apartment remodeling

Hello there! Welcome back to the contest series. Today we have an apartment remodeling for you. Off with the old and in with the new.

The clients of today’s contest were riding the train of change. They wanted to breath a modern life to their apartment. With a few elegant touches of rustic allure. Well, launching a contest on CoContest was the best way to get things done right for their apartment remodeling.

There are a lot of things to account for in remodeling. New lighting schemes, new floors, new designs, new furniture, new…you get the point. The designers and architects of CoContest offered an array of diverse possibilities. A bottomless fountain of inspiration. So, the clients could dive in and avoid any expensive pitfalls in the process.

Let’s see then how the clients envisioned the new life of their apartment. Take notes and as always, be inspired.

Before: an old fashioned living room

apartment remodeling

Off with the old couches!

The old life of the apartment was accustomed to a living room that was separated from the kitchen. That was something the clients wanted to preserve.

That arched doorway though? Had to go. It was an eye sore. Perhaps it was better to replace it with some amazing sliding doors. Or, something that wasn’t a relic of the 90’s. The floor was also begging for a change. Just look at that shiny marble surface that surfed out of a B-movie set. Nope. The new life of the apartment demanded a modern version.

As for the kitchen and bathroom; make it more functional.

Before: an empty bedroom

apartment remodeling

A new life for the bedroom was long due!

The master bedroom looked sad. All empty and alone. So, the apartment remodeling had to account for some furniture schemes. Especially, a bed. A queen size bed.

The floor? Do we need to say it had to go? The grandma’s wardrobe and chest of drawers also lost the battle with time. They needed to be refreshed with a few modern counterparts. Beyond the master bedroom, the clients had something more stored for the apartment. A small study room that could transform into a guest room.

And so, the contest was on. Let’s see then the apartment remodeling ideas by the contestants. They will blow your minds away!

A new living room: modern and elegant

apartment remodeling

Brilliant modern design!

Diego Schiavi  had the right apartment remodeling idea for the living room. The perfect mash-up of modern and elegance.

A wall by wrought iron and glass delimited the living area from the kitchen. While the two rooms were separated physically, the frame wall managed to bridge them visually. The wall translated into the modern needs of the clients. And became an eye-catching element in the interior decor. The scenic backdrop of the entire area. The reflective properties of the glass also helped to accentuate the space.

No more 90’s B-movies! Match point for Diego.

An alternative new living room: art the walls

apartment remodeling

Art, art and more art!

Gordana Ninkovic gave the living room a different treatment. Artwork is a decorative element that elevates the space it occupies.

So, in her apartment remodeling ideas she filled the living area with art pieces. Paintings. Framed inspirational quotes. While the artworks hinged on the modern side of the room, a bricked wall offered a rustic contrast. It also helped to differentiate two areas. The dining room with the actual living room.

The same applied to the color schemes used. The white bricked wall was accompanied with darker shade paintings. White being a neutral hue can pretty much combine with everything. And the grey living room wall was matched with brighter decorative tints.

Art the walls!

A new kitchen: full practicality

apartment remodeling

Practicality, meet Awesomeness!

The norm for the kitchen table is to accompany it with corresponding chairs. However, when you are endeavoring in an apartment remodeling, the norms are better left alone.

Annie Yakimova did left them alone. A bench was inserted into the kitchen on the backdrop of a bricked wall. Two spotlights fitted on the benched wall gave it a diner allure. What about the floor? We are glad you asked.

Annie went for a combo of low maintenance and unsurpassed beauty. Enter white hardwood floors. They are resistant to stains and quite the sustainable material. Plus a mop costs much less than a vacuum.

A little tip: Hardwood floor might be initially more expensive. However it’s a life long investment, as it’s rarely necessary to replace a wooden floor. You just need to sand, smooth and refinished.

A new bathroom: check out that floor

apartment remodeling

The open shelves under the sink offered the much needed storage solution.

The bathroom was prepped to receive the most remodeling. In fact, it wasn’t the first time it received a new life. This time around the clients asked for cohesion.

MariaLuisa Vario did just that. Her apartment remodeling ideas blended seamlessly various materials. Wood on the floor. Tiles on the walls. Mosaics for an extra touch of decor. They all became a mixture of contemporary rusticity. Simply fantastic. It feels your taking a shower into a luscious cottage up in the Aspen mountains.

A new bedroom: that’s the right furniture

apartment remodeling

The master bedroom was fun once more.

The master bedroom posed a whole set questions. What kind of bed should be included? Or storage solutions?Or floor?

AM Architettura answered each and every question exquisitely. A wooden bed frame was situated in the middle of the room. A chest of drawers in white wood sat opposite the bed. Perfect for storing the day to day clothes. Also, the floor got the wood treatment as well. And the icing on the cake; a reading nook with a chair accompanied by floor lamp. Not a barren dystopia anymore!

If you want to see more bedroom inspirations, then check our previous installment: Time for a change? Amazing loft design ideas. A little preview: it has a lake view!

A new guest room: build from scratch

apartment remodeling

Check that amazing airport terminal display!

Now, when you build something from scratch an amazing opportunity arises. Consider the occasion as an empty canvas and you’re the painter holding the brush of creativity.

That was the case for the office room. And Federica Paiar painted a transecting picture. Just look how that zigzagged floor pattern blended with the surrounding decor. Isn’t inspiring? Or, that over-sized lamp that loomed above the room, illuminating beautifully.

However, the clients wanted the office room to be a transformer. How did Federica managed that? She didn’t need the Allspark (yep, that was a Transformers reference). Take a peek at the sofa. It becomes a bed. Always remember that the use of multipurpose furniture comes in handy in restricted spaces.

So, there you have it. An apartment remodeling might be a tough gig. As soon as those changes settle in though you will sit back and say,”totally worth it!”



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