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Home improvement: living room and kitchen edition

May 13, 2016
home renovation

Home improvement enthusiasts rejoice!(the rest of the world too) We have a treat for you today. The contest series travels to a family home. Target of improvement: the living room and kitchen.

When it comes to making a home improvement there is usually a preconceived notion that a face to face communication is essential to do the dirty deeds. The CoContest platform though established a virtual connection with the designers and clients. Impossible to work, you might declare.

You need to talk the plans with the designing teams over and over, right? Well, if your new to these series take a deep breath and get ready to be blown away. Amazing designs that redefined the old fads of the home in question will commence.

But first, lets see what changes the clients of this contest wanted to bring upon their home. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired!

Before: a dying kitchen

home improvement

Old appliances. Old cabinets. Old walls. Everything needed revamping.

The kitchen was lamenting its swan song. Just looked at those gaunt cupboards and the old-fangled tiles. The only salvaging point was the floor. The clients didn’t mind preserving it. The rest? Renew them.

The clients requested from the contestants to bring a contemporary style in their home improvement ideas. Dress the kitchen in a new and sparkling suit.

Before: A living room in decay

home improvement

The living room was in dear need for an improvement.

Nope. The first word that springs to mind when looking at the living room. You don’t need to be a renowned architect to realize its decay. The walls shaded by unpainted spots. A couch that belonged to a museum.

Obviously, the clients wanted to modernize the living area. That meant new furniture, new color combos, new wall paints, new everything. The hollow spot demanded to be utilized. The clients envisioned a fireplace for it. Across the couch, a staircase shared the same fate with the rest of the living area. It, too, needed the home improvement treatment.

That was the sum of the clients needs. Are you ready to witness the life changing designs from the contestants? Let’s play a game. Try to figure out who won the heart of the clients.

Kitchen design: no more tiles

home improvement

Teardrop pendants elevated the kitchen decor to the modern planes of reality!

There are a few things you should know before getting head over heels with a home improvement. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. You need to create contingency plans. How are you going to cook without appliances? So, unless you want to spend a fortune on take away food, make sure you have a back up plan.

Believe when we say, the hustle and bustle of home renovation will eventually be paid off. For the clients of this contest it surely did. No more little white tiles on the wall! The designer behind this exquisite idea, Gordana Ninkovic, added a modern touch with a wallpaper. That’s more like it!

The appliances were sent to the junk yard and were replace with an amazing island. The island functioned as a social hub and cooking factory, all in one. Gordana definitely made it work!

#2 Kitchen design: ergonomic system

home improvement

Glass cabinets? Yes, please!

Remember those nasty cupboards that were spawn out of another century? Literally! Well, interior designer VNP, decided they should stay in their pre-millennial era.

Instead he went with an eye candy of ergonomic design. A glass unit of cabinets was installed upon the wall and complemented by a wooden storing complex beneath the sink and stove. Are you not impressed? Well, there’s more to it. To make better use of the given space, a breakfast bar expanded from the wooden complex. It definitely inspires you to cook culinary delicacies. Especially after the dry spell caused by the home improvement!

If you want to see more practical kitchen designs, then check our previous installment of these series: Breathe a new life: 7 apartment remodeling ideas!

Living room design: brighter than the sun

home improvement

Some art in the decor is always a good idea.

The living area is defined by different values. We warm up on perpetually frozen winters. And we meet up with friends for frenzy nights.

Hence, it needs a special treatment to accommodate its determined values.  Annie Yakimova had a few aces up her sleeve for her home improvement ideas. Walls were given a neutral white and allowed light to bounce off in ecstasy. Previously, the living area was decomposing. Now, Annie resurrected it.

Who wouldn’t want to chill in that corner couch with bold, modern lines? And don’t forget the elevating table! No. It’s not magic. Its glass feet disappeared under the dancing lights. That’s how you design a bright modern living room. With a fireplace nook for good measure!

#2 Living room design: the pink element

home improvement

A fabulous decor with a burning fireplace!

The living area, of course, needs some technology. A nice LCD TV. How else can you spend idle hours watching a marathon of Game of Thrones? Or whatever long running series floats your boat.

Marilia Lavanga designed the perfect living area for just that. With some sense of style. Pink quartz is hot in 2016. You only need to look at Pantone’s proposed color trends to be convinced. So, Marilia created a seamless interplay of white and pink in the living room decor. Her motto; contemporary allure.

The most striking feature, though, in Marilia’s design was how the living room and kitchen interconnected. At first glance, it seems to be an open plan design, right? Look closely. A glass sliding door hides in the corner that separates the two rooms.

Railings design: a modern staircase

home improvement

The bamboo sticks contrasted the brimming modernity of this design.

The staircase had to follow the new rules of the house.  You know. Contemporary.

This design by Nemanja Adamovic is simply off the hook. He could have gone for the mundane iron railings that are popular in interior decor. But, Nemanja had a vision of a glass that shouted contemporary. Of course, given the glass, there was an opportunity here to harness its reflective properties. Enter a window by the staircase.

The home improvement ideas of Nemanja also took advantage the space under the stairs. Your home sound system can fit perfectly in the shelving complex, accompanied by your genres of literary fiction. Does it get any more contemporary than that?

So there you have it. The kitchen and living room woke up into 2016 from their slumber. Do you still think it’s impossible to make a home improvement through a virtual platform? Nope. It’s not. In fact, if these amazing designs prove anything is that CoContest can do miracles in home improvement. As for our little game of who won the contest we will give you a hint; hunt the deer!


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