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Planning Your New Kitchen: Remodelling Tips

May 14, 2016
planning your new kitchen

Welcome back, CoContesters, to our all-new CoContest Saturday sessions, featuring more fabulous design tips and advice for you to take on board. Last week, we kicked the new column off with a look at how to survive a renovation. Today, we’ll be taking a good, thorough glance at the ins and outs of how planning your new kitchen.

planning your new kitchen

via Amie Corley

What to consider when planning a kitchen remodel

From the outset, the concept of remodelling and planning your new kitchen might seem a tad overwhelming – the kitchen is, after all, such an integral space in the day to day domestic flow. Firstly, from a purely logistical vantage, you’ll want to assess whether your home will be livable during the remodel. How much time will you allocate to the job? Can you move appliances and furniture elsewhere in the home? Before you jump right into it, consider the logistics of how the remodel will effect your day to day.

But of course, stay excited, and get inspired! Take a look at more of this gorgeously planned and executed kitchen here.

planning your new kitchen

via A Beautiful Mess

Should I DIY or get professional help?

One of the most important questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you get going is whether or not you want to lead the charge yourself, or whether you’re going to enlist the help of a certified professional. Obviously, there are pros and cons to each. DIY gives you ultimate control, artistically and logistically. On the other hand, if you’re inexperienced you might come unstuck when the going gets tough (and if unexpected hitches present themselves along the way). A professional might offer a smoother ride. It really comes down to your capabilities and confidence, and how much burden you want to take on (and how big your budget is!).

Here’s some more fabulous before and after inspiration from the example above.

planning your new kitchen

via a&h Architecture

Plan your must-haves and essentials

From a purely ‘design’ point of view, it’s a fine idea when planning your new kitchen to first conceptualise and sort out your ‘must-haves’. With these sorts of jobs we can very easily get caught up in a lot of ‘finer’ details, rather than grounding our design plans in the pure necessities first and foremost. So, consider what your kitchen absolutely need – sink, cabinetry? You get to decide, and it’s the best way to kick off the process.

If you like this cute green kitchen, check out the whole house here!

planning your new kitchen

via deVOL kitchens

Think about your layout

Once you’ve considered what the space absolutely must have when planning your kitchen, consider the layout. If you’re working with a smaller space when planning your new kitchen, you might be a little more constrained in your options. Either way, layout is key, and it’s a good idea to work out the best way for your space to function and flow.

Wouldn’t we all love a spacious, artful kitchen like this bright and airy Sebastian Cox design above? Check out the full range at deVOL.

planning your new kitchen

via Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Budget, budget, budget!

At the end of the day, the freedom you have to create the kitchen design of your dreams comes down to a healthy back pocket. How is your budget looking? Do you have the funds to make magic happen? Keep in mind, with a bit of compromise, even the most modest budgets can bring about some truly excellent results. A few cardinal rules: make sure you actually do set a budget to avoid any spending pitfalls. Secondly, by all means cut costs, but never cut corners!


Now ease those budget worries with inspiration instead –  take a look at this gorgeous house at Hugh Jefferson Randolph.

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