Why DIY Is Good for You!

May 15, 2016
Why is DIY good for you

Today on CoContest, and as part of our Do It Yourself (DIY) inspirations, in collaboration with ManoMano, the leading European marketplace specialised in DIY and gardening, we want to show you why DIY is good for you and your life.

Home is a very important place for us: it is our confort zone, and for this reason, it is important to create good spaces in our home.

Why is DIY good for you

The project is important

To organise a home in a way that reflects our own personality, we recommend using the help of an expert, or even several of them.

CoContest is the best solution to assist you in designing the perfect project to renovate your home and make it perfect according to your requirements.

Why is DIY good for you

DIY is a source of satisfaction

Once you’ve designed your project, it is good to organise your space in a practical sense, in order build something personal.

DIY is the best solution to build the house of your dreams.

With DIY, it is you who decides how to make things: you become the director and main actor in the production of your dream home.

Manual tasks stimulate creativity, and have always been a source of great pleasure; a pleasure to create, to share, and to spend time with your beloved.

DIY for your well-being

DIY is an exercise for our well-being, and a real tool to work out. Do you know how many calories you can burn with DIY activities?

  • Painting a room: 340 calories per hour when painting the walls of your home
  • Gardening: 355 calories per hour, simply shaping your beautiful garden garden
  • Wiring your electrical system: 230 calories per hour

Why is DIY good for you

DIY for your pocket

It is obvious that getting the job done by yoursel is less expensive than hiring an expert. And on top of that, you can recycle a lot of materials to save even more money.

DIY and the right tools

Why is DIY good for you

IMPORTANT: to do the right job in your home, it is necessary to have the right tools.

We know that it is not always easy to choose the right ones, and we sometimes don’t have the time, but we can share with ou a little secret that can help:

ManoMano, is the leading European marketplace specialised in DIY and gardening.

The aim of ManoMano is:

  • to locate the best value DIY/decoration/garden specialists and negotiate even further to achieve exclusive preferential prices for ManoMano;
  • to select the sellers allowed on ManoMano using strict reliability criteria and make their catalogue accessible on one single internet site with real-time stock updates;
  • and to guarantee you a delivery that conforms to the seller’s promise.

What are you waiting for?

Design a project with Cocontest, buy the right tools on ManoMano and start creating your perfect home.

Why is DIY good for you

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