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Dressing Windows: Interior Design 101

May 16, 2016
window dressings

Welcome to a brand new CoContest week, folks – today on Interior Design 101, after last session’s brilliant and interesting take on the ins and outs of layering, we’ll be diving in to the all-important, ultra-crucial and effortlessly satisfying art of dressing windows. Read on for fabulous window inspirations!

Some might think there’s only a few ways to dress a window – and folks, they would be wrong. Given that there’s so many different types, sizes and scales of window in the world’s many different types of domestic abodes, it’s only natural that there’d be just as many ways to dress them up. More importantly, dressing windows is a crucial skill, one that can really make or break the feel and flow of a given interior space. From shades, to blinds, to curtains and draperies, you’ve got your choices cut out for you.

dressing windows

via Hudson Interiors

Curtains and drapes

Where to begin with curtains and drapes? Of the four broad options (as listed briefly above), curtains and drapes offer the largest array of different choices and selections – from standard glass curtain, to cafe style, a tieback drape, or loose drape, to a valance or cornice (or, for the fancy ones out there, a lambrequin!) there’s no shortage of curtain options out there in order to make your windows look even more fabulous. These glass slider curtains above give this breezy, elegant and cool dining room that extra sense of class and refinement. More of that here.

dressing windows

via Homestilo

Roman shades

When it comes to dressing windows with shades on the other hand, the options are a little fewer, but no less enticing for the right space. From a roller shade, to an inverted roller, to Roman, or even Austrian style, shades can give a space an extra depth of character and style. Take this luxurious, classic bedroom as a case in point: a delightful room with bright bay window, superbly framed with a neat Roman shade.

dressing windows

via Avenue

Stylishly sheer

While we harp on about what ‘style’ and ‘shape’ of our window dressings, we ought not forget that different fabrics add an extra level of complexity and choice to the mix (and that’s a good thing!). If you’re angling for classic curtain in your space, but don’t want to bulk the vibe up with hefty, heavy materials, simply opt for a lighter, more breezy fabric to lighten and brighten the space up. More from this fabulous bedroom above here.

dressing windows

via Amanda for Blinds & Curtains

Venetian blinds

Ahh Venetian blinds: simultaneously old school and modern, classic and kitsch (depending on the materials and context, of course). We love a good Venetian blind here at CoContest and love to see a fine space adorned with this particular window dressing style. Shutters come in all sizes and shapes too, including matchstick, louvered, slat style and Japanese inspired shoji sliders. For the classic option, you can’t go wrong with standard Venetians. The great bedroom above is testament to that.

window dressings

via The Shutter Store

Indoor shutters

Speaking of louvered shutters, don’t they just look fantastic? For a hint of European flair, a sense of homeliness and cosiness, the interior shutter option is a great choice – especially if you happen to have a study room as gorgeous as this one. More of that great space here.

Hope you enjoyed that one. May all your windows be dressed with style and flair! See you next session for more fabulous tips and tricks.

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