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CoContest Designer Spotlight: Anyma Architects

May 18, 2016
Anyma Architecture

Every now and the we feature some of the best designers that work on our platform of crowdsourcing for interior design. In this article we’re featuring Anyma Architects

How did you start with architecture? How has your career evolved?

We started working a few years ago. After graduation in architecture, we spent some time in internship and we attended specific courses to improve our skills.In the following years we worked in different studios of architecture in Rome, and during one of these work experiences that we met each other and started a collaboration that gradually led us to a real work as freelancers.

Architectural inspiration: Are there any designers/firms you look up to? Any artist or publications that you draw ideas from?

Surely we can’t ignore the lesson of 20th century’s masters, both in design and in interior design. On the other hand we really like to discover and follow the work of emerging trends and movements, both national and international. Blogs and web magazines are very useful for this purpose.

Anyma ArchitectureWhat would you say is your unique style? How did it develop?

We don’t think to have a “style”. At the beginning of every project we try to empathize with the customer and design trying to figure out what are his needs and his tastes. We believe our job is to leverage those needs in the most effective way.

How do you think CoContest is changing the landscape for designers?

Cocontest has definitely expanded the target that traditionally referred to an architect or an interior designer. It has also encouraged many young designers to get involved and approach the freelance work. Cocontest makes easier and more dynamic the approach among customers and designers.

Anyma ArchitectureHow is working online in the world of architecture is different from working offline?

Certainly online work has the positive fact of being able to reach a much wider target of customers (i.e. geographic availability) in a much more simple and effective way than the traditional job. On the other hand there are many aspects of our profession that cannot be performed online, but we believe that start working online, however, can be an excellent springboard.

Anyma Architecture

How do you think the architecture market is changing in the years to come? What potentials do you see in the Internet expanding a way from customers doing business only with traditional firms?

Internet is the center of our daily lives, and our profession must adapt to the change. Today It’s much easier for a customer to contact an architect found on the internet, rather than knocking on the door of his study, having seen a plaque outside.

Anyma ArchitectureAny suggestions for CoContest to improve?

Considering the extensive feedback received in a short time, we can say that Cocontest is an already effective and well proven platform. Definitely it could be useful, especially for designers, to promote system that puts customers and designers in contact with each other, considering to the skills and qualifications and the availability geographically wise. In this way it is possible to extend the offer, not only related to the design.

Have you seen any projects you admired on Cocontest? If so, which ones and why?

Not particular projects, but we have seen the good technical and stylistic level of many participants.

Anyma ArchitectureDo you have any tips for your younger colleagues?

We believe we haven’t got yet that level of expertise that allows us to give lessons, but a useful advice to all is to be tenacious and not backing down when facing with challenges that the this job offers you, especially at the very beginning of a freelance experience.


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