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8 amazing design ideas for a teen girl bedroom!

May 20, 2016
teen girl bedroom

In Milan, Giulia entered the emotional roller-coaster of teen life. Her parents to mark this era decided to design for her a proper teen girl bedroom.

The bedroom holds a special place in the teenage life. If you take a stroll down memory lane, then you will find all those sacred moments that created the unbroken bond with your room. Don’t astray for too long though in reminiscence! Let’s keep our focus on how to design the perfect teen girl bedroom. Let’s focus on Guilia.

At the age of 14, her old room screamed of childishness. And, teens want to feel they have grown up. In fact, they deserve it. They are no longer preoccupied with the naivety of the pre-teen life. Hence, it was time for a change. Naturally, Guilia’s parents turned to the pros of CoContest to design a dreamy teen girl bedroom.

Before we delve into their remarkable ideas, let’s paint a picture of the old room. Take notes and as always, be inspired!

Before: a kids bed

teen girl bedroom

Post-its on the wall? Nope!

No more GREEN. That was the first rule. The overuse of the tint in Guilia’s early childhood demanded its abolition from the decor. And we agree. That bed didn’t belong in a teen girl bedroom. Nope.

In fact, all the furniture were marked with X (where X put JUST NO). The only remnant of the changes would be the floor. Wood always does justice to flooring.

Before: too much clutter

teen girl bedroom

Organization was calling the bedroom!

Guilia wanted to have a teen girl bedroom that abided to the mantra less is more. Which meant the clutter created by the brimming desk and drawers had to be rectified.

The room also had a limited space, which implied the contestants had to work their magic in finding the right set of furniture in a novel arrangement. And given the fact there was only one window in the room, special attention had to be paid on lighting.

Take a good look on the before images. We shall wait. Are you done? Now, get ready to feast on beauty.

Desk: a wonderful coordination

teen girl bedroom

Good night and good sleep. Awesome decor!

A desk plays a pivotal role in the life of a teen. The increasing mass of schoolwork and the explosion of the digital era translates to a lot of hours sitting behind that chair. It falls to reason that the specific area has to accommodate these emerging needs. So, organization becomes the teen’s best friend.

Just look at that amazing shelves. They hanged in anarchy above the desk, yet they screamed of wonderful coordination. The white upon white helped as well to create a simple and organized environment.

OK. There’s still some green in the room. But, we give plants a free pass. Take your cue from this amazing design by Sergei to restructure your daughter’s room. The Mac is optional!

Desk #2: with a view

teen girl bedroom

So much win in this design!

That’s some view! Zorica Markoski decided to use Guilia’s window as a gate of relaxation after a long reading session. The shelves that framed the window created a picturesque scene.

While we don’t condone stereotypes, the use of the pink tinted chair in the teen girl bedroom design was befitting. Of course, the neutral hues occupying the desk allowed the use of any color for the chair. That’s the nature of neutral colors. They simply match with everything.

With some plant life

teen girl bedroom

Plants in the bedroom? Yes, please!

There is a lot of information flying in Google that will have you convinced plant life should be omitted from the bedroom. Au contraire, mon cheri.

Plants are a wonderful way to discourage stress and anxiety. And for teens that sounds like a must.We simply adore how the ivy climbs gracefully above the bed. The mastermind behind this fresh design was Darlea-Denisa-Dida. It’s kind of romantic, don’t you agree?

A little tip: Plants such as Aloe Vera, or English Ivy are considered to be air purifiers. In fact, NASA did a whole research on them. They can absorb pollutants and chemicals found in the air. Just look it up!

Library: extra storage space

teen girl bedroom

An oversize mirror can do wonders in a small space!

Do you remember that not-so-pretty green framed mirror? Well, Aleksandar Stosic shed the excess green weight. The end result was gorgeous.

The bookcase can also become an important face in a teen girl bedroom. As organizational efficiency goes, it can replace shelves and add some much needed storage solutions. Books, personal items, a Globe, or anything else Guilia wanted could ornament the bookcase. A decorative heaven!

Lights: wonderful features

teen girl bedroom

Relax, just do it!

It looks as if it jumped right out of a movie set. That’s the first impression when looking at this amazing design by Michele Iacopo Laezza.

The cup pendants and the light up letters became key elements in the bedroom decor. As natural light had only one access point, it would take as much help it could get by its artificial counterparts. And let’s face it; the messages given by the letter signs are perfect for a teen girl bedroom. LOVE. RELAX. In fact, they are perfect for any teen bedroom.

Another little tip: For artificial light, try to use LED bulbs. Unlike incandescent- which convert 90% of their energy to heat- they are much more efficient. Oh, and they can have a life span of 25,000 hours. GO LED BULBS!

Bed: multi-purpose and pop

teen girl bedroom

A bed that Guilia’s friends would be jealous to look at!

That’s more like it! No more child like furniture. Especially the bed. Raffaele Nastari created the perfect nesting spot for Guilia.

A bed accessible by three steps secured with a cantilever and surrounded by pop imagery. Of course, the paintings can change to accommodate the taste of your daughter. Not everyone is a fun of pop culture after all. Perhaps, some Panic! At The Disco posters will do. What’s that? The teens know and that’s enough!

Also, pay close attention to the multi-purpose persona of the bed area. By being elevated, its undercarriage was used for drawers in a dexterous attempt to make the most of a small space.

Wardrobe: smart and chic

teen girl bedroom

When a girl enters her teen years, usually, fashion becomes an integral part of her life. Thus, the wardrobe transforms into an asset in a teen girl bedroom.

Luigi Muraca was fully aware of this emerging need. So, he brought to the table a stunning visual arrangement. The closet was partitioned with glass sliding doors framed by a chic black tint. A small private oasis for Guilia growing clothing line. Oh and lest we forget, check out that chair!

Chalkboard: a planing essential

teen girl bedroom

Finally, we will finish our tour in the the teen girl bedroom designs with an idea that intersects art with organization. Marco Veneziani decided to add a chalkboard. Messages between the family could be passed. Duties and chores could have a semi-permanent reminder. And it can foster the artistic side of the teen.

A more subtle benefit of a chalkboard in the bedroom is its decorative diversity. All you need is a cloth and a chalk to change the writing and designs daily. There wouldn’t be a single boring day in Guilia’s bedroom!

So, there you have it. Dreams can be made a reality. And the pros of CoContest made Guilia’s dream to grow her pubescent room into adolescence. Don’t you agree?

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