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How to Decorate Your House Using Feng Shui

May 28, 2016
How to decorate your house using Feng Shui

Today on CoContest and in collaboration with ManoMano, the leading European marketplace specialised in DIY and gardening, we want to show you how to decorate your house using Feng Shui as part of our Do It Yourself (DIY) inspiration.

Feng Shui is an oriental discipline with over 1000 years of history. The basic idea is that human wellbeing is connected to architecture and furnishing. Born in China over 4000 years ago, its principles are based on the arrangement of magnetic fields, energy and the balance of yin and yang., the largest DIY marketplace in Europe, in collaboration with the Feng Shui Master Silvia Archetti Voltolini of the Italian School of Architecture Feng Shui, have collected some tips inspired by the principles of this ancient discipline to furnish their homes.

How to decorate your house using Feng ShuiThe main aim is to create a welcoming environment in which we encourage wellness and relaxation. The home is the perfect place for calm to recharge our batteries. When a house is harmonious, even guests will experience the positive influence and feel comfortable.

This old discipline is a source of inspiration and a guide to reflecting on everyday places in which we live. The first rule to follow is to look at the essentials and abandon the modern trend of consumerism: “symmetry or asymmetry, perfect order or creative disorder? Like all things, a good balance is best. Excess always indicates an imbalance of the individual, and this is often reflected in the way of furnishing the house.”

How to decorate your house using Feng ShuiCritical to Feng Shu is the choice of colors, materials and trim at the cardinal points: “The furniture arrangement should be studied carefully, calibrated exactly to the energy of the people. In some areas yang calls for dynamic, bright colors such as yellow, orange and red, while other rooms need yin: colder, more soothing colors, such as blue and green. Paint and materials should always be chosen from green architecture recommendations. Products should be natural, non-toxic and water based, with no emissions of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which is present in synthetic paints.

How to decorate your house using Feng ShuiThe home is also the place where the family comes together. How the space is organised can help the whole family live together in harmony: “The perfect house should have communal spaces and privates spaces for each member of the family. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and so cohabitation is not always easy”. And what happens when there’s a new member of the family? “When a baby is born, he should have a small room for himself located in the most energetic corner of the house, for example in the east zone, where there is the good energy for him to growth up. While for parents it is better to stay in the north-west zone”.

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