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Employing Bar Trolleys: Interior Design 101

May 30, 2016
employing bar trolleys

Hi again, CoContesters! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and are as amped as we are for another sensational session of Interior Design 101! Last week we took a great look at how to employ accessories in and around your domestic spaces. This week, we’ll be following up with a great take on employing bar trolleys: the classist and most stylish niche accessories possible. Who says the weekend ever had to be over?

employing bar trolleys

via Crate & Barrel

Why a bar trolley or cart?

Why get a bar trolley or cart? Why not? Since the early days of the silver screen, living room bars, and roving trolleys have always been the epitome of classic cool. A space to serve and display refreshments, always there at the ready, an effortlessly charming addition to any domestic interior space. Take this awesome crate and barrel option right here – an efficient design with two oak veneer tray shelves within a metal X frame, and a sophisticated, linear silhouette. More of the good stuff here.

employing bar trolleys

via Society Social

A colourful and creative way to serve drinks

But of course, there’s so many different ways to go about employing bar trolleys in your home. As with all elements of interior design, it’s a great idea to think outside the box a little, get the imagination going and try on a few different stylistic flourishes for a cool effect. The owners and designers of this neat little number above certainly nailed their creative license to this fabulous feature bar, a must-have addition to any cool living or rumpus room.

employing bar trolleys

via Williams Sonoma

Timeless elegance

Some of the greatest examples of in-house roving bar trolleys and carts are those from yesteryear that have a touch of timeless elegance about them. Take these perfect illustrations above: unique, sleek, fit for a old 1940s romance-drama. What better way to display your vodkas, whiskeys and decanters than this? This is certainly the way to go about employing bar trolleys.

link <http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/beckett-bar-cart/?cm_src=AutoCSLPIP>

employing bar trolleys

via Murphy’s Law

Look for fabulous vintage finds

And then, there’s the new school – the hip, trendy and chic offerings that can easily show up the ‘old school’ with their stylistic chutzpah. Take, for example, this excellent revamped vintage number, a take on an old wheelchair, now two tiers of alcoholic joy. More on employing bar trolleys of this ilk right here.

employing bar trolleys

via dwell

The ultimate home accessory

If you haven’t realised that employing bar trolleys is more or less the ultimate move by now, then we aren’t doing our job right! Bar trolleys and carts are truly the domestic accessories that keep giving, and ones like this awesome canary yellow resort offering only underscore the fact. If you’ve got a positively tropical space in need of a little yellow flourish (or need a little tropical flavour in your otherwise non-tropical abode), look no further than this sweet deal right here.

employing bar trolleys

via Byron Bay Hanging Chairs

Suitable for more than simply serving drinks

Ultimately, while you may think that the bar trolley or cart is too much of a niche accessory, and thus not a priority (especially if you’re dealing with a limited space), keep in mind just how flexible and versatile this kind of accessory can be, multi-tasking as a side table, dining room console or even a hallway table. The options are limitless, and hopefully, so will the drinks! Now pour yourself and double, and relish in your wise decision to bring a little bar action into your own home.

Hope you got something out of that one! We love a good bar trolley. Stay tuned for more sensational interior design 101 lessons in the coming weeks on CoContest.


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