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How to make a new living room decorating scheme!

June 3, 2016
living room decorating

Somewhere in Treviso, Marta and Federico, lived happily in their lovely home. There was only one thing missing from their happy ever after story; a new living room decorating scheme.

In today’s edition of the contest series we are finishing the story of Marta and Federico. It’s always good to remember that the living room is an area that plays an important role in the household. Whether it is idle hours watching a whole season of Netflix in a night, or just creating fun memories with friends, the living room is an indispensable aspect of our lives. So, a brand new living room decorating plan must account for all its possible functions.

This becomes even more pivotal when the living room is used by children. In the case of Marta and Federico, the new living room decorating ideas had to consider two little kids.

Let’s see then what the clients wanted for their new living room. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired!

Before: a barren space

living room decorating

There is one thing for sure; although a barren space, it brimmed with potential.

It had enough space for the contestants to play around with various ideas. Most importantly thought, it was connected by two sliding doors to a marvelous garden. The direct sunlight gave a bonus for the new living room decorating ideas.

As for the decor, Maria and Federico wanted to bring modern touches that were finished with rustic elements. They simply wanted to stay faithful to the country style of living embedded in Treviso.

Of course, as we mentioned, the contestants had to make the living room welcoming for children. And that’s always a tricky part.

A reference: bright and elegant

living room decorating

We know about Maria and Federico two things. One, they were a family of four. Two, they had an awesome sense of style. Simply look at this spectacular reference picture given to the contestants. It exemplified both the decorative styles and the possible furniture arrangements.

But, as always, the pros of CoContest took the ideas of the clients and elevated them. Are you ready to visit some genius living room decorating designs? Get set and go.

Beautiful furniture: practical arrangement

living room decorating

This is an amazing design. Its minimilastic attitudes spoke of coziness. However, what set this idea apart was the practicality routed in the dimensions and positions of the furniture. What do we mean by that?

Well, take a look at the beautiful wooden coffee tables. Now, take a look at the comfy corner couch. What do you see (besides being gorgeous)?

Signuparchitects, had specifically selected a composition of furniture pieces that allowed a spatial interconnection of the staircase, hallway and dining room through the living room. Simply a spectacular living room decorating idea.

What can we say, we love beautiful and practical things.

Color schemes: neutral heaven

living room decorating

Of course, the furniture composition was just one step closer to the happy ever after story of the clients. The next challenge on their quest answered to color schemes.

As we already said, the availability of natural light constituted an opportunity to delve deep into different color combinations. Of course, the color palette had to correspond with the modern/rustic mood of the Marta and Federico.

So, Gordana Ninkovic came up with neutral hues of brown and beige. These colors allowed the splendid incorporation of darker tints. Well, one image equals a thousand words!

We just going to mention one more thing; the green armchair offered a wonderful antithesis of brightness in the color combos of the living room.

Kids corner: functional stimulants

living room decorating

Following the color schemes, the contestants were tasked to take into consideration the family members. Two kids, in tender ages, were the prospective users of the living room. So, the living room decorating plans needed a special kind of treatment.

A little desk, a few toys, or any other stimulant that will keep the little energetic masses at bay, while the parents get some much needed rest. And the parents definitely need that rest! Tatjana worked with the space exceptionally well to create that private corner for the small fellows.

She also went for a striped wall. We have already discussed in previous editions of the contest series the decorative tricks inherent in stripes. In fact/ why do you go pay them a visit: How to modernize the living area.

Decor: elegant opulence

living room decorating

By now, the story of Federico and Marta was almost finished. Almost!

Assembling a decor that married modernity and rusticity was next on the quest map. It’s always good to remember that a combination of different decorative styles can elevate a specific space in your house. It doesn’t have it be a singular decor. Nope!

Take for example this awesome idea from Sergey. The metallic reindeer head on the wall encapsulated perfectly the interaction between the two different decorative styles! Oh, and who can resist sipping on some exotic elixir by the fireplace? Is that too romantic? Well, still is true!

Office nook: the final chapter

living room decorating

We have seen so far incredible furniture compositions, cozy color schemes, lavish sophistication and a kids corner. The epilogue of the clients story was meant to be written by an element that spoke of practicality. Enter micro-zones.

With plenty of space available, it became apparent for Giovanna Procopio that there was room for an office nook.

The barren place had an underutilized short wall. Giovanna transformed it into a desk nook. Both parents and kids could simply work there in collaboration. A smart design that had the potentiality to create beautiful moments for the clients family. The perfect happy ending!

So, there you have it. A few amazing living room decorating ideas. If you too are searching to write a new story for your living room, then there is no need to look any further. You’re welcome!

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