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Art and Sculpture: Interior Design 101

June 6, 2016
art and sculpture

The weekend’s all over folks, but don’t let the Monday blues get you down –  we’re back again for another sensational session of CoContest Interior Design 101: your go-to for all the best tricks, tips and advice for fabulous interiors. Last week we looked at the awesome art of Employing Bar Trolleys in your living room and domestic areas; this week we’ll be getting arty with a great look at how to introduce art and sculpture into your home spaces.

Art and Sculpture

via Toby Scott

Why include artwork and sculpture in your home?

Humans have been adding art to their domestic spaces since the birth of interior design itself. For thousands of years, we’ve relished in having the visual expression of our dreams, souls and human experience surrounding us in our most intimate quarters. Art is a fantastic way to add an extra layer of depth and interest in a home, and the best part is there’s so much to work with: from paintings to portraits, to sculpture and beyond right across the art history spectrum. (Check out more of this fabulous artwork from Toby Scott here).

Art and Scupture

via Paul Massey

Art or sculpture or both?

Often, a big inhibitor to introducing some art and sculpture into one’s home comes down to not knowing where to begin. Should I add art? Sculpture? Or both? And if so, what style or type of art should I add, in order to stay in keeping with my pre-existing decor? All good questions, with no hard and fast answer – though that’s actually a good thing. Ultimately, you ought to choose art and sculpture based on your own unique aesthetic sensibilities: something that you love, and enhances your experience of your home life. Here’s some more great inspirations from Paul Massey.


Art and Scupture

via SA Home Owner

Don’t forget the bathroom

When we talk about art and sculpture in and around the home, we often only take into account public and social spaces like the lounge room and living areas. But don’t forget the aesthetic sensibilities and scope of more private spaces either – the bathroom, being a fine example. As we see in this great example above, bathrooms can really sing with a neat artwork inclusion.

Art and Scupture

via Trevor Tondro

Artistic lighting

Of course, art and sculpture come in all kinds of different measures and capacities – it’s not just about canvas pieces and moulded busts! Here’s an excellent example of the range and variety of choices on offer: a fusion of art, sculpture and lighting. Consider weaving a bit of extra creativity where your lighting in concerned and reap the benefits of a fabulously modern, ultra-interesting, and very well-lit living room space.

Art and Scupture

via per Jansson

Use art and sculpture to inject personality and uniqueness

At the end of the day, the stylistic elements we add to our homes ought to reflect our own personality and uniqueness – it’s our home, after all! When choosing your art and sculpture, always go for the personalised touch. Make sure it’s something you yourself love, consider how it’ll fit in with the rest of your spaces, and go for it. Here’s some more colourful inspiration for you to ruminate on.

Hope you enjoyed that one! More great articles to come right here on CoContest!

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