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A wonderfully redesigned old building

June 7, 2016
redesigned old building

Dear friends, welcome to another edition of the contest series. Today we have a very special kind of contest for you. We are concentrating on an awesome redesigned old building.

The building in question was a fascinating structure in the historic city of Turin. However, time had its way with it. So, all its 5 floors stood underutilized. Until, of course, the clients of this contest stepped in. The end-result of the redesigned old building would give it as many apartments possible on each floor.

This contest is quite different from what we have explore thus far. No furnishing arrangements were requested, or renovations of specific rooms. Rather, all attempts of the contestants were to be focus on the spatial arrangement of the interior space. The contestants had to create schematics in place of render images. Challenge accepted!

Let’s see then how the old building looked and what the clients requested for the apartments. Don’t forget to take notes and as always be inspired!

The exterior condition

redesigned old building

OK. Admittedly the exterior saw better days. However, that was easily solvable with some new paint jobs. That’s why the clients wanted to focus on the interior space.

They wanted the apartments to exist on three different sizes. In fact, they specified the measurements for each size:

Small apartment 30-40 sq m

Medium apartment 50-70 sq m

Large apartment 75-120 sq m

It’s obvious the clients had a particular fondness for small and medium apartments. They also had a liking in a random distribution of the cut out apartments for the redesigned old building. A little bit of chaos never hurt anyone!

Given that each floor was practically identical, the contestants were to focus their efforts on the first floor which would be replicated accordingly. So, don’t get confused on us when we show you schematics for only one floor!

Let’s see then the amazing distribution of interior space by the pros of CoContest.

Redesigned old building: 1st scheme

redesigned old building

Now, fitting as many apartments as possible in the old building wasn’t the toughest part of the job. The question was how to make those apartments functional, efficient and comfortable.

Dnarch-Srl, decided to follow a gallery set of distribution for the apartments. Doing so, he managed to fit 11. We repeat, 11! But, did the apartments fit the bill of comfort? You bet. Dnarch-Srl set aside the classical distinction between living and sleeping areas. In simple terms; all hail open-plan spaces!

There was another benefit in the gallery set space distribution. Each apartment had its own windows. You know what that means. Proper ventilation! Can you imagine leaving in an apartment without windows? Pretty daunting isn’t it?

Redesigned old building: 2nd scheme

redesigned old building

Anyma Architects used the measurements given by the clients to create three sets of apartments. The one bedroom apartment was spread in 49.9 square meters. The two bedroom apartment ranged from 51 square meters to 77 square meters. And the largest of them all, the three bedroom apartment took 119, 17 square meters.

With this use of space, Anyma Architects managed to fit a number of 10 apartments. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Redesigned old building: 3rd scheme

redesigned old building

We have seen spatial arrangement solutions that ranged from 10 to 11 apartments. And that’s a big number for one floor. Well, how about 14?

Yep. Giovanni Albanese manipulated the available space in an extraordinary way to give rise to that number of apartments. Do you want to know what’s the most impressive part? Each bathroom and toilet faces a window. If you have ever lived with a windowless toilet, then you can fully grasp the magnitude of this feat. If not, then we hope you never need to find out!

There is one more constant in Giovanni’s schemes. No bedroom falls under 14 square meters. Which gives enough space for maneuvering, even at its lowest point.

Redesigned old building: 4th scheme

redesigned old building

The gallery set distribution of space was widely embraced by the contestants. And given the reasons behind the choice, we completely approve. Each and everyone, though, gave their own spin on this spatial arrangement.

Silva M was no different. On a superficial scanning, her proposal followed the mantra of 10 apartments. The one bedroom apartment spun from 37 square meters to 42 square meters. The two bedroom apartment took a space of 57 to 72 square meters. And the grand three bedroom apartment touched 95 square meters. That was all pretty simple.

However, there are no run of the mill designs in CoContest. If the clients wanted, they could split in half two apartments no the 72 square meter mark. That would give them four extra denominations!

Redesigned old building: 5th scheme

redesigned old building

For Matteo Tanganelli, the most important thing was to create bright spaces with available square feet. So, he exploited the space by creating a set of ten apartments. 5 ranged at 50 m2 and another 5 ranged at 80 m2.

This specific layout enabled him to take the sledgehammer and bring down a few walls. The living rooms and bedrooms were only separated by the toilets. Given the small nature of the apartments, having minimal internal partitions helped in enlarging their perception.

In fact, Matteo proposed to include solar tubes as much as possible to maximize the use of natural light. If you are going to be living small, at least you want it to be bright!

Redesigned old building: 6th scheme

redesigned old building

We are going to leave you with a proposal that decided to abandon plurality of apartments for space. Chiara Corzetto Conflan gave a new dress to the old lady that had 7 buttons.

What influenced her decision? Well, Chiara took into account the topology of the old lady. Oh, sorry. The old building. It was surrounded by universities, pubs and restaurants. Which meant only one thing; students and plenty of them.

Most students have a preference on two bedroom apartments that are no less than 70 square feet. So, Chiara followed that mantra in her design. Smart move, Chiara. Smart move!

There you have it. The pros of CoContest came through to another challenge. And they did it with remarkable results. What do you think? Which scheme do you prefer the most?



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