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June 9, 2016

Hey Folks! This week we are back again with a delightfully fresh interior feature blogger: Rehabitat (RH). Last week we took a gander at the confident stylings of Manhattan Nest, a neat home renovation focused blog, and this week we will take a peek at a brilliant ‘before & after’ design and style site.


via RH

The face(s) behind Rehabitat…

Hailing from the big smoke of NYC, this mother and daughter team, Diane and Emily, are a design force to be reckoned with! Based in Connecticut, Diane brings over 20 years of residential and corporate design experience to this formidable team. A lover of modern design and fashion with a vintage twist, Emily studied Interior Design at Harrington College of Design in Chicago, and finished with a BFA in Interior Design.

Both mother and daughter share a love of restyling stylish abodes, which is evident through their mutual design service, strong client base, and impressive testimonials.

If you would like to learn more about Diane and Emily, check out their page here.


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Advice and ideas for any home update

Rehabitat boasts an impressive array of all things stylish and chic, from gorgeous interiors to easy ways you can update your dwelling, Diane and Emily have got you covered. One of the nicest elements of their blog is definitely the eye-catching before and afters, which transform even the dullest space into an area of indulgence and elegance.

The image above is a recent post from the Rehabitat team, which have seamlessly and thrillingly given a rental bathroom a new lease on life. To gain a little inspiration, as well as some handy advice, check out the full post here.


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Need some inspiration? 

A seemingly endless source of interior inspiration awaits you on the Rehabitat site, which is bursting at the seams with interesting and unique design options for your abode. A fan of all things stylish, I adore their farmhouse update, which can be pictured in the image above. Another before and after to wet your design whistle, this impressive renovation ticks all the boxes, and looks utterly sumptuous.

If you would like to see the refurbishment in full, check out their post here.


via RH

Easy ways to update your dwelling

When even the slightest update or domestic design issue can seem too large to contemplate or handle, the Rehabitat duo have got you covered. Making design and property updates look easy, Diane and Emily also offer a range of interior design styling services.

Above is one of their recent projects. Effortlessly combining textures, colours and boasting a knack for incorporating vintage furniture finds, this nursery is oozing comfort, relaxation and an element of pizazz. To check out the entire project, follow the link here.


via RH

Visit their fabulous pillow shop!

As if this impressive team of two couldn’t possibly do any more, they have recently opened their very own online pillow shop. Here you’ll see a range of different and interesting throw cushions that include eclectic vintage fabrics, bright attention-grabbing designs, as well as subtle and luxurious prints.

A cluster of comfort and charm, their newly formed online store is rich in character, personality, with a lovely sense of commitment to the design and implementation of thoughtful, considered interior designs.

If you would like to check out their shop, click the link here.

Did you enjoy that one? Stay tuned for that and so much more coming up soon on CoContest.

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