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Stunning new Chalet design in the Alps!

June 10, 2016
Chalet design

Incurable romantics rejoice. Why? Because we are visiting a stunning new Chalet design. All the way to the Alps!

In today’s edition of the contest series, the clients owned a little speck of foamy white land in the most extensive mountain range of Europe. So, they came up with the brilliant idea to build a small Chalet 1816 meters above the sea. Oh, where to find the best help for the Chalet design ideas? The clients didn’t ponder much at that. Obviously.

So, get ready for a frosty show filled with crystal-like flakes. First, lets see how the clients envisioned their Chalet. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

The surrounding environment: full of snow

chalet design

Picturesque location!

Even if you know next to nothing about the Alps, by sheer association its snowy environment becomes apparent. Which means only one thing. Well, actually it means a lot of things, but we need only one to make our point. A Chalet design in a snowy mountain side has to be dominated by wood! Can you imagine an industrial loft up in the mountains?

Beyond the predominate use of wood, the clients had a checklist for the new Chalet. You know, the usual. A sauna, a fireplace, heating floors, a tub and hot tub. It wouldn’t smell like vacations in the Alps without them.

As for the size, the Little Bear (that’s how the clients baptized their soon to be Chalet) was to accommodate a couple. Just a romantic gateway for those fond of frosty mornings.

A reference: cozy elegance

chalet design

The clients vision for the Chalet had a lot of wood in it!

The Chalet is usually a hybrid of coziness and opulence. Two concepts which are rarely interchangeable. However, with a spectacular view of the white veil, this little cozy paradise becomes stuff of dreams.

The clients wanted to preserve the very nature of the Chalet. The contestants were instructed to create a comfortable environment that abided to an open plan design. And just for good measure, the clients provided this stunning reference. But, you have learned by now, that the designers and architects of CoContest always jump well above the benchmark.

The rules of the contest were set. Are you ready to get a little bit frosty?

Living room: sophisticated allure

Chalet design

Coziness, meet opulence.

Imagine dropping in the Alps for a weekend of skiing and find this as your living room. We know, right? It would just make your stay all the more enjoyable.

NIS ARCHITECTS, the masterminds behind this brilliant Chalet design, brought a touch of elegance with the old time classic leather armchairs. In fact, it might not be noticeable, but the armchairs face a fireplace. We can almost feel the tongues of flames licking our faces! A well earned treat after a day in the bone biting cold.

Oh, and the best part? But, of course, the dimmable light fixtures. To create a zesty environment, the lighting has to fit the bill. White and bright light, for example, doesn’t agree with the Chalet’s atmosphere.

Bathroom: a wellness area

Chalet design

Golden sinks? Oh, yeah!

While the living room’s prime purpose was to provide a Zen atmosphere (with a touch of lavish decor) the bathroom was set to become a wellness area.

The sauna, for example, has been tested again and again and has been found a source of mental and health benefits. A deep, healthy and daily sweat reinvigorates the body, releases stress and unwinds the muscles. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

So, its no wonder Federico Marra created a little nook in the bathroom dedicated to a sauna. As for the rest of the room, we are going to leave the design to speak for itself. OK. We are going to say just one word: Arresting!

Bedroom: a view to behold

Chalet design

A gorgeous ceiling was the aftermath of this Chalet design.

The bathroom was, of course, but one room to fit the sauna. Andrea Vertua had a different idea. In his Chalet design, this beacon of healthiness was inserted in the bedroom. We will leave you to decide who came up with the best position.

As for Andrea, what made his design so memorable is that breathtaking view. The bed overlooked the white mountain range of the Alps. Waking in the embrace of such serenity comes really close to paradise. Throw in a fireplace and you are dancing with angels!

As with the previous Chalet design ideas, Andrea followed the design mantra dictated by the clients. Wood was honored.

Open plan: rocky awesomeness

Chalet design

The little office nook is brilliant!

The benefit of the open plan design rests in the ambiance it provides. That much is self evident. When it comes to a Chalet, though, this spatial arrangement conveys an extra benefit.

The whole place can harness the beautiful surrounding environment. So, for Sebastian Amtmann, the choice for space distribution was pretty simple. All zones faced the snow. However, this Chalet design was anything but simple.

The architect created a harmonious bond between contemporary elements and traditional spaces. Take a look, for example, at the bold lines of the furniture pieces. There you have the modern touches. And now, take a look at the dexterously place rocky walls. That’s your tradition.

Kitchen: functional simplicity

Chalet designs

Three clocks, so you make sure the pizzas are edible in different time zones.

Oh, how life would be at the wooden Chalet without a kitchen? Pretty unspiced, to be honest. Pun intended. However, given the nature of the Chalet, the kitchen must be restricted. The keyword here is simple.

Zdravko Barisic’s kitchen ideas embraced fully that keyword. Even though a small space, the marvels of contemporary appliances are all present. The possibility of magnificent delicacies just makes this design all the more tasty.

Oh, and we cannot but mention that chalkboard strip of wall. Practical is the first thing that springs to mind. What’s the second? Why Art, of course. That chalkboard is a canvas waiting to happen. Just look at the writings on the wall, which are spectacular.

There you go. A few amazing Chalet design ideas for you. If you are an incurable romantic just like us, then a little contemporary hideaway in the Alps is what’s missing from your life. Well, its time to put it on the table. And, where to find the best help for the design ideas?

Oh and why don’t you check in the meantime our previous edition of this series: A wonderfully redesigned old building. 

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