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Renovating Home Offices: Remodelling Tips

June 11, 2016
renovating home offices

Welcome back again folks, for more of the good stuff here on CoContest, check out this weeks offering of renovation ideas, and interior inspiration. Last week we took a look at how to plan a bathroom upgrade, and today we will be looking at some essentials for decorating, remodelling and refurbishing your workspace. Renovating home offices can seem daunting, but here on CoContest we’ve got you covered! If your domestic workspace is looking a little worse for wear, and you are in need of some neat ideas, tips and tricks, read on below and get inspired!

renovating home offices

Jake Curtis via House & Garden

Maximise your natural light

Natural light in a home office has an powerfully beneficial impact on productivity and morale, so it makes practical sense that you would ensure your workspace is as bright and light as possible. Not only does light help the room feel welcoming, but it creates an inspiring area in which to create and organise. 

Work with any windows in the room, ensuring windows are neatly dressed, and the desk faces out onto a panoramic or scenic view. The example below is a fabulous illustration of how one can utilise natural illumination for an efficient and versatile workspace. If you’d like to read more, check out the design here.

renovating home offices

via Canny

Keep it simple

When renovating home offices, minimalism is the key to achieving a productive and efficient space. Get rid of the clutter, clear out any chaotic mess, and ensure your room (including your desk) is sleek, clean and ready for work. This design by Canny Australia is a fabulous illustration of minimalism and how it can create a distraction-free environment that is still stylish, sophisticated and chic.

renovating home offices

via Simon Brown

Work with what you’ve got

If you find yourself renovating on a budget, take some time to look around your home and see what pieces of furniture could be repurposed to work within your office. More often than not we have furniture and accessories that can be given a new lease on life within a new room of our abodes. Look at chairs, tables and other accoutrements, paying particular attention to things that might work well with your new home office design. The design above, via Simon Brown, is a wonderfully raw and unique space that works beautifully to impart a sense of restfulness and inspiration.

renovating home offices

via nuevo estilo

Employ storage

Storage is essential for the successful operating of your new home office. Clutter is by far one of the biggest issues with productivity in a workspace, so consider employing and incorporating the right storage to ensure your room is well-equipped and stylishly clutter free. When renovating home offices, think about built-in shelving around the walls of your space, such as the neat example above, or perhaps go for sophisticated freestanding items that will bring an eclectic or individualised aesthetic and ambience

renovating home offices

via Freshome

Add personal items

As well as working on some of the bigger picture elements, you still need to consider the finer, more specific details. Some of the most successful home offices are ones that offer the perfunctory essentials, but still include some personal items as well. Thoughtfully designed and working with your aesthetic sensibilities, a good workspace should offer a a feeling of happiness and contentment. Make sure that your home office is an area of your dwelling in which you want to spend time, by incorporating intimate elements that impart uniqueness and individuality. Take some cues from this impressive design from Freshome above, keeping your desk clear, but adding particular accessories and ornaments to the surrounds of your home office.

We hope that our article provided some handy tips on renovating home offices! Stay tuned for more fabulous inspirations right here at CoContest.

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