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Employing Mirrors: Interior Design 101

June 13, 2016
employing mirrors

Hi again, fellow DIY designers and CoContesters. Hope everybody had a fabulously relaxing or fun weekend, and are as eager as we are for another sensational Interior Design 101 article! Last week we took a great look at art and sculpture in the home, as well as how to successfully employ it. This week we will be following a similar thread, and following up with some handy hints on employing mirrors: the most refined and multipurpose of all accessories. Get ready to wet your design whistle with a few fabulous tips below!

employing mirrors

via Holloways of Ludlow

The benefits of mirrors

Mirrors have an assortment of applications within the home.  Among the more obvious and perfunctory uses that a mirror offers, they are also wonderful for increasing perceived space in a compact rooms. Moreover, mirrors can bring light into dark or shadowy corners in the home, reflecting light and illuminating interior spaces. An easy and fashionable decor enhancer, these fabulous accessories work beautifully to impart a glamorous aesthetic, with a sense of luxury and opulence.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to think a little outside the box, get your creativity flowing, and try a few different imaginative embellishments for a stylish effect. If you like the look of this impressive and unique kitchen splashback, check out the beautiful bespoke options at Holloways of Ludlow.

employing mirrors

via Inigo

Easy installation for maximum effect

Employing mirrors doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be hung on the wall, there are also many different varieties that don’t even require a nail and hammer. Floor mirrors, like this retro example from Loaf, are wonderfully designed to open up a space, and help create an airy and light filled space. How many times have you desired a stylish and practical accessory for your dwelling? These mirrors especially suit the bedroom, where they can enhance the decor, as well as provide somewhere to get ready before a big event!

employing mirrors

via My Italian Living

Where to employ your mirror

One of the first questions I am asked when individuals want to add accessories to their home is where they should put them. Think about the bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining space as the main areas that suit a mirror. This example from My Italian Living is a neat demonstration of a modular piece of furniture that combines storage as well as style. Ideal for a bathroom, or entrance hall, this is an all-in-one storage and mirror solution that is sure to enhance and impress.

employing mirrors

via Maple & Gray

Perhaps some mirrored furniture?

We absolutely adore how mirrored furniture adds that extra hint of glamour and lavishness within the home. These days there are plenty of options including bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room furniture. Make your mirror a statement by including it in an area of the house that is well-frequented, but be aware that mirrored pieces require plenty of regular polishing to look fabulous. This exciting and opulent example from Maple and Gray is a marvellous example, check it out here.

employing mirrors

via Toby Scott

Easily made mistakes

Although employing mirrors in the home is one of the easiest accessories to work with, there are still a few things to watch out for. Too many mirrors in the bedroom can pose issues for the overall theme and scheme, so go easy when implementing any that aren’t situated just above the bed. Additionally, be wary and smart when including mirrors in the kitchen. They can easily reflect mess and dirt, making your space feel less clean than it might actually be.

Take your cues from this neat and impressive example above; the mirror is wonderfully located above a mirrored console table, and works wonderfully to help the space feel open, original and airy.

We hope that gave you a few tips for employing mirrors within your domestic spaces. Stay tuned for more sensational interior design 101 lessons next Monday on CoContest!

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