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A dreamy refurnished bedroom in a B&B

June 14, 2016
refurnished bedroom

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today, the menu includes a dreamy refurnished bedroom in a small Bed&Breakfast.

By their very nature, B&B establishments have as a quick succession of customers and tend to weight on the cheap side of renting. That’s all good for the paying visitors, however it puts a strain on the owner. Why? Because to retain a returning clientele the decor must be dreamy and built on a low budget. So, the refurnished bedroom ideas had to keep the budget on the down low, but incorporate some unique pieces.

That sounds challenging enough, doesn’t it? Especially when uniqueness is correlated with expensive items. Well, not for the pros of CoContest. They have a keen eye for dreamy set pieces that are fit the needs of a refurnished bedroom in a B&B.

Let’s see then what the client needed for this contest and the vision for the new bedroom. Take notes and as always, be inspired.

The before: boring simplicity

refurnished bedroom

Well, the pre-CoContest version of the B&B bedroom was simple. While simple can be the best choice, in this scenario it tends to be underwhelming. Dry walls and an uninspired bed doesn’t bring clients back.

In fact, the bedroom didn’t suit the core being of the B&B. There were three more rooms, each given a specific theme. Baroque, 70’s and Medieval. So, this simplicity seems to be out of touch.

That’s why the client wanted the refurnished bedroom ideas to alter its decor into more contemporary vibes. Well, given that the 70’s themed room was very popular among visitors, the contestants were given some room for creativity. Only one condition was set: don’t touch the bathroom.

A reference: dreamy opulence

refurnished bedroom

Simple? Nope. The client’s vision for the refurnished bedroom abandoned the boring simplicity for a dreamy opulence. Come’on, confess. You would pay again to sleep in that bed.

Besides the bed, the client wanted to add a few extra furniture elements in the room. A sofa, that could act as another bed and a small breakfast nook.

Most importantly though, SolArt (the name of the B&B), was a hybrid of the artistic heritage in the area and sustainability concerns with the use of solar panels. Which meant the contestants had to inject these two influences in their designs.

The rules of the contest were set and the game was on. Get ready for a few dreamy bedroom furniture ideas and schemes. Let’s the different refurnished bedroom ideas by the pros of CoContest.

The floor plan: simple and uncluttered

refurnished bedroom

All contestants had to work with a bedroom which measured 20, 7 square meters. The adjacent kitchen and bathroom excluded. For a B&B room, that was enough space to play with the furniture plan.

Renate Lukovska, for example, decided it was a good idea to spread the furniture on the wings of the room. The furniture arrangement allowed breathing space in the middle of the room. In other words, cluttering is nowhere to be found.

Also, the specific furniture scheme gave the redesigned bedroom all the comforts that one expects from a B&B. Well, all but a aquarium wall. Yet, you wouldn’t expect that in a B&B, would you?

The bed: magnificent modernity

refurnished bedroom

Now, that’s a bed we can surrender in a peaceful slumber again and again. The choice of bed for the bedroom sometimes is brushed over as inconsequential. Nobody really pays attention to it.

However, considering its effects in our daily lives it becomes evident that a cool bed is a prime aspect of the bedroom’s interior decor. If you have ever slept on a single mattress thinner than foil, then you can fully embrace the notion of a cool bed.

That’s the reason Beba Petrovic went with this sky blue delight. It amply complemented the contemporary vibes expressed in the surrounding environment. Especially those little balls of light dropping anarchically on the side. A really dreamy bed for the redesigned bedroom in SolArt.

If you want to see more stunning bedroom ideas then check our previous edition of this contest: Stunning new Chalet design in the Alps!

Decor: an intimate flexibility

refurnished bedroom

Following a dreamy bed, the whole decor of the refurnished bedroom had to emanate a style that draws people in. The trick here was to follow the logic injected in the other rooms. Each room was themed and embraced the culture that surrounded SolArt.

Enza Capriccioso had this brilliant idea. He gave the room simple tones and textiles in order to create a breeze and elegant atmosphere. So far, so good.

You can’t miss though the enameled steel tubes sprouting form the bed and conquering the ceiling. The novelty of this design becomes even more apparent when the lights are OFF. Why? Because, through cuts in the tubes, neon lights shed their colorful rays to create an intimate atmosphere.

Decor #2: the wooden choice

refurnished bedroom

How can you match those steel tubes for the redesigned bedroom decor? Marija Cveji had a few things to say about that.

Wood dominated as a material in the creation of the her B&B bedroom design. It’s practically everywhere. Furniture pieces were dressed with the material. The floor was given the same treatment. And even the ceiling was gifted with strips of wooden panels. The ample use of wood gave to the room a rustic coziness.

However, the reference point has to be the Pop Art elements so dexterously scattered across the room. Try to find them!

The breakfast bar

refurnished bedroom

We have seen so far different decor and furniture ideas for the refurnished bedroom in SolArt. There’s one thing missing though. An integral cog in the finely tuned B&B bedroom.

Of course, we are talking about the breakfast bar. Its absence would defy the whole principle on which the Breakfast&Bed accommodation was build. Sofiene Ben Aicha came up with this modern choice for the bar. Attached to the wall, a wooden corner is complemented by a TV.

The perfect amalgamation of a classic allure and modern twists. In fact the whole bedroom balances between the two concepts.

So there you have it. The refurnished bedroom ideas of the contestants conglomerated to create a truly dreamy 4th sleeping arena for SolArt. However, if one can look beyond their intended purpose, these designs can surely be incorporated in any bedroom. It’s up to you.


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