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A masterpiece of apartment interior design

June 17, 2016
apartment interior design

In today’s edition of the contest series we take a tour on an apartment interior design. And it is truly a masterpiece.

A couple that has already sunset into their 50’s, decided to invest in a neoclassical apartment. They did most of the groundwork. New ceramic floors with a wooden effect were installed, new doors, electrics, pluming and windows. They only thing remaining was someone to give them a few gorgeous apartment interior design ideas.

Well, we don’t make it a habit to disappoint people. So, the renewal of the neoclassical house was taken effect at the hands of the architects and designers of CoContest. The apartment was a blank canvas ready to be filled with their brilliance.

Our first stop in this neoclassical voyage will be the needs and vision of the clients for their apartment interior design. Oh, takes some notes and as always, be inspired.

Before: the blank canvas

apartment interior design

We always love the before images. Why, you ask? Well, not because of their dashing looks, of course. They are a precursor of what will follow. By putting on the interior design glasses, one can see the brimming potential.

In this case, the married couple…with no children, wanted that potential to materialize through the finishing touches. The job for the contestants was to find beautiful furniture sets, colors, lights and of course accessories.

If you take a peek at the upper layer of the image, the neoclassical look of the apartment becomes apparent. The ceiling was set to become the linchpin for all apartment interior design ideas.

Reference: a neoclassical painting

apartment interior design

Moving from needs to vision. Oh, and did the clients had a vision for their new apartment. They invited the contestants to bring ideas that put into the mixer touches of the old with contemporary features. A perfect combination for the nature of the neoclassical place.

Without any further ado, lets delve deep into the dexterous proposals of the various architects and designers.

Dining room: walls of old

apartment interior design

Walls are usually neglected in an apartment interior design. They are brushed away with a single hue that abides to the mantra of simplicity and spatial awareness. However, with the neoclassical allure of this apartment, a great opportunity opens up to play with the walls.

And Gordana Ninkovic, plays with them magnificently. She makes them look like an ancient Greek temple, touched by time itself. We simply love her design. What’s more, she manages to bring a few modern elements in the dining room with the dining table and chairs.

Bedroom: artistic accessories

apartment interior design

While the dining room is given a touch of days gone by, Zorica Markoski decides the bedroom was a place to express artistry.

On its facade, this design stems out of simplicity. The ever there white walls match with the unconventional blue tinted bed frame. That’s all good and dandy. Yet, what sets this interior proposal apart is the accessorizing.

This simple tool often becomes transformative for a space. It initiates intimacy. Just like that awesome painting by the bed head and the hanging lamps by the bedside tables. Zorica really takes the apartment as a blank canvas!

If you want to check out more bedroom ideas then visit the previous edition of this series: A dreamy refurnished bedroom in a B&B

Bathroom: minimal colors

apartment interior design

The beautiful ceilings and high spaces of the apartment impress Another Studio. So, they decide to pay their respect to the neoclassical allure with the appropriate color combinations.

Neutral hues play an important part in their apartment interior design ideas. It gives more options in the color palette and their sobering effects match the very nature of the apartment.

For these very reasons, Another Studio dress the bathroom in a tier of neutral tints. A gray paint follows by a white bricked wall that ends once again in gray. Oh, and lest we forget, that chequered tiled floor is simply spectacular. That’s how you design a minimal bathroom that balances between modernity and elegance.

Kitchen: a futuristic alternative

apartment interior design

The norm for the kitchen is to layer it with cupboards and fitted appliances. Throw in a kitchen island and you just described the majority of any apartment’s cooking hub.

However, with the distinguished nature of the apartment in question, Vitor Dourado decides it is time to jump out of the bandwagon. He dexterously merges the past with the future. The kitchen cabinets look like pieces of a puzzle, assembled together from another time period. A very futuristic period.

A design that eclectic tongues will find quite tasteful!

Office nook: practical elegance

apartment interior design

Even though the couple entered the middle years of their journey on the 3rd rock from the sun, they were still a hardworking duo. Which means a working station is due in the apartment interior design ideas. The question that lingered for the contestants, was were to put it?

For Elizaveta Movchan, there is only one answer. Create a micro zone for an office nook in the living room. Just look at that amazing cozy desk chair. It can perfectly change its role and merge with the living room as an extra sitting spot.

However, the most fascinating thing about Elizaveta’s design has to be the practicality embedded in the office space. She harnesses the wall to create shelves, of which one transforms into a desk. If the couple decide to move their work somewhere else, then that shelve can still have a function in the interior design.

Living room: a minimal heaven

apartment interior design

Finally, our last stop in this apartment interior design tour will be the living room. While the clients desire for a mixture of classical and modern decor is fully in full exhibition, Jelena Milica takes it one step further. She introduces to the interior design the minimal effect.

The white walls accents openness in the high ceiling apartment and provides for a contrast statement with the artistic design on the ceilings. Also, by allowing ambiance, it creates a clean and calm balance between the various decorative styles.

The fireplace is the main point of attention in this living room. Given the neoclassical vibes of the apartment, one might think a fireplace with the same style will be a perfect fit. Nope. Jelena has a different opinion. The fireplace is given a unique design that comes into contrast with the classical space.  A true masterpiece.

There you have it.  We can say with certainty that the apartment interior design ideas by CoContest’s pros transcended the space. What do you think?

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