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Stylish Balconies: Remodelling Tips

June 18, 2016
stylish balconies

Welcome back folks, for another does of stylish design inspiration here on CoContest, we have a brand new session of fabulous remodelling tips! Last week we took a look at renovating home offices, and this week we are going to focus on stylish balconies. Time to spruce up that outdoor space, get a little creative, and make the most out of your terrace, balcony or veranda. Read on here for a few fabulous ideas!

stylish balconies

via Studio D Tale

Go colourful!

Nothing says life, energy and verve like bright colours and vibrant hues. Take some time to look at the ambience you are attempting to achieve and work with different tones and shades to create the right atmosphere. Imparting character and a charismatic aura is one of the hardest design challenges you will encounter. Make this slightly easier with correct planning before you begin. Take some cues from this impressive example; vintage furniture and ornaments have been employed, while the use of different tiles helps bring to life this rather small terrace space.

Has this space got your design juices flowing? Check out the full project here.

stylish balconies

via Peter Pennoyer Architects

Choose the right furniture for the space

The right furniture can make all the difference when it comes to stylish balconies and terraces. The pieces you choose will most likely be determined by the volume and size of you space, but should also reflect the main and desired purpose of the area. Look at dining sets, upholstered seating, as well as accessories such as planters and coffee tables. Additionally, employing shade is important if you live in a sunny location, while an umbrella has the added benefit of keeping your home cool during the summer as well.

Take a look at the full apartment here, and get a little more inspiration for your entire abode.

stylish balconies

via Wendy Labrum Interiors

Work with your space, not against it

One of the biggest problems we see when helping individuals design a stylish balcony is that they work against their space, not with it. You need to look at the area you have, and what might be applicable and appropriate. Grab a sketch pad and a pencil and draft the area, adding in the furniture and placement of certain items. This will help in the long run, and ensure you look at the bigger picture, before you undertake your remodel.

A fine example of this mantra is this neat balcony from Wendy Labrum Interiors. Check out the rest of the home here.

stylish balconies

via Belle Mont Farm

Get creative! Add a bath…

Think a little outside the box and get creative with your balcony design. There are plenty of different options for stylish balconies such as exterior kitchens, entertaining spaces, Jacuzzis, and even outdoor bathrooms!

If you would like to see more of this intriguing property, check it out via Belle Mont Farm.

stylish balconies

via Anne Hepfer Designs

Plants, plants and more plants

When remodelling your balcony, don’t forget the plants! Plants do more than simply look great, they are a handy way to regulate temperature, and depending on the varieties of your plants, can offer edible options for your kitchen such as citrus and herbs. This impressive outdoor design from Anne Hepfer Designs is a glorious exterior wonderland with ample entertaining space, while the plants impart energy and vivacity to the overall aesthetic.

To check out this gorgeous project in full, take a peek here.

Feeling inspired? We hope so! Stay tuned for more fabulous remodelling inspiration right here at CoContest!

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