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Stylish Storage: Interior Design 101

June 20, 2016
stylish storage

Get excited because it’s that time of the week again, CoContesters! Time for our fabulous Interior Design 101 segment, featuring all the chic, latest tips and tricks on how to maneuver the remarkably innovative and thrilling world of domestic design. After checking out the ins and outs of employing mirrors last week, this week features an important peek at an interior essential: stylish storage. Read on to learn more!

stylish storage

via Residents Understood

Brilliant bookshelves

Bookshelves are by far one of the most stylish and easily accessibly storage solutions for your home. Whether you opt for a simple freestanding bookshelf, or go for a built-in modular setup, you are guaranteed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your space.

This neat design above from Residents Understood shows how an awkward loft-style room can be completely transformed through the use of bespoke interior furniture. Additionally, this custom system includes a darker hue and a desk space, which consequently creates an interesting, attention-grabbing feature. If you like the look of this room, check out the rest of the project here.

stylish storage

via Spamroom

The all-in-one modular studio

Stylish storage also means smart storage. This is especially relevant to small and compact spaces, where storage ensures a room is practical and versatile.

Designed by Spamroom, this Berlin apartment features a range of stylish storage options, therefore contributing to a functional dwelling of immense flair and sophistication. If you’d like to see this space in its entirety, check out the full project here.

stylish storage

via Maple & Grey

Stylishly sophisticated joinery

Stylish storage covers all sorts of design ground. Depending on the room you’re working with, and the stylistic selection of elements, storage can take many different shapes and forms. When organising one’s home, a great place to get started is in the kitchen. Kitchens are notoriously messy, unkempt and chaotic, consequently causing a home to feel unordered and impractical. Spruce up your home’s aesthetic grace and flair by incorporating built-in storage.

But where should you start when attempting to create an elegant and tidy room? The pantry is an ideal area to overhaul, consequently creating a cooking space that is productive and dynamic. This example from Maple & Gray is a fabulous demonstration of stylish storage, since it brings a level of purpose and functionality to the cupboard. 

stylish storage

via Fraher Architects

Neat under-stair storage

What could be better than a neat and stylish under-stair space? This impressive design from Fraher exhibits a strong sense of efficiency, while also looking gorgeously fashionable and architecturally superior. If you have an area underneath your staircase, consider adding storage in the form of bespoke cabinetry or cupboards.

stylish storage

via Yam Studio

Multipurpose wall-mounted storage

Finally we take a peek at a gorgeous interior, which boasts an impressive selection of wall-mounted storage space. The designers have emphasised practicality, while ensuring the room is sophisticated yet stylish. Overall, the area benefits from the ample storage space, consequently creating a home office that is chic, sleek and neat.

If you would like to take a peek at this project in its entirety, check it out here.

Did this get you feeling inspired and full of ideas for your dwelling? Stay tuned for more next week!

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