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Modernizing a Small House Layout Plan

June 21, 2016
house layout plan

Welcome back to another edition of the CoContest series. Today we diverge once more from the normative, albeit extraordinary, renovations to present you the modernization of a small house layout plan.

We say once more, because we did something very similar a couple of editions ago with a wonderfully redesigned old building. If you haven’t check it out, you should change that. Anyway, today’s client wants to alter the house layout plan of 135 square meters.

The little house at the corner of the Mediterranean Sea suffers from the unending corrosion of Time. Not so much structurally. But its core is unorganized and underutilized. That’s why the client enlisted the help of CoContest pros. So, she can get a few aspiring layout ideas and modernize the small house.

Let’s see then what the client wants to include in the house layout plan. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

The little box by the Sea

house layout plan

The Mediterranean vibes of architectural design are in full expression on this little box by the Sea. The strong vertical and horizontal lines are a sign you have just entered the most blissful place on Earth.

The little box is not a stand alone structure in this contest though. There is an adjacent shed. Which the client loves to see transform into a nice porch. Because, what’s better than to drink your morning coffee under a sun bathed porch?

Beyond the unification of the two spaces in one building, the client wants the layout plan to add a specific amount of rooms. We are talking about a kitchen, of course, and a living room. Also, throw in two bathrooms, three bedrooms and an office space. And that’s how the contestants will modernize the little house.

Now, lets see the different house layout plan ideas from the various contestants.

House Layout Plan #1

house layout plan

The most important thing for Alessandro Rizzo is the articulation of space between the living and sleeping area. He truly embraces the concept of functionality and seamless interactivity of the various rooms in the house.

So, he came with this dexterous layout. The living room and kitchen are connected in a semi open plan design. How can it be a semi open plan? Well, while the two rooms are interconnected, there’s a partial division with a wall. That serves a great purpose. It gives a much needed independence to each space. You know, for cooking culinary delicacies without the smells penetrating your Zen zone.

In addition, the bedrooms (which were injected with bathrooms) are purposefully distinct from the living area. Awesome stuff by Alessandro.

House Layout Plan #2

house layout plan

When you are playing with a rectangular box, it seems a shame to waste the geometrical opportunities that arise. Well, at least, that’s how Andrea Dessì takes it.

He decides to present a remarkable idea that takes into account the shape of the little house. A diagonal line marks a wide common area that holds the living room and kitchen. The opposing areas on the sides contain the bedrooms and bathrooms. So, why Andrea chose this particular layout? Apologies. Let us redefine the question. So, why did Andrea chose this particular layout, besides being brilliant? Much better.

The answer is pretty simple. By having the common area stationed in the diagonal and overlooking the other rooms, it allows a breezy cross ventilation. Also, he added a few skylights above the diagonal. Let the sunshine in!

House Layout Plan #3

house layout plan

The constant element in the contestant’s designs is optimization of space. Or, functionality. Its the same thing with potatos, or potatoes.

Anyway, the reason they focus on functionality is simply the availability space. When you are dealing with a small house, borderline to medium, making the most of the given square meters is a priority. Who wants to live in a clutter home?

lhabi, is not an exception to this rule. So, his idea walks the line of functionality. The sleeping areas are attached to the walls and are gifted with bathrooms. By sidelining the bedrooms it allows the incorporation of windows. Natural light alert!

House Layout Plan #4

house layout plan

Milan Jovanovic has a slightly different take on the house layout plan. What he emphasizes on is the interaction of the common areas. He envisions two multifunctional hallways. One that runs through the living area and another that connects the kitchen with an office space.

Hallways are usually the unsung heroes of interior designs. Why? We are glad you ask. To put it simply, hallways are spaces with much potential in storage and decor. You can add a shoe rack, a few cabinets, some artwork, or even interesting lighting and transform your home.

That is the power of hallways. And Milan made sure to unhinged their leash and allow the client to explore their potential. You should do the same!

House Layout Plan #5

house layout plan

Now, beyond the apparent similarities with other designs there is one crucial distinction made by ManGaArchitects. Before we address their unique take, we should pay a little tribute on what we like to call sequence of space.

If you are planning to build a new home (which is the most likely reason you are here) or simply a fan of interesting stuff (which can also be a good reason to be here), then you have already though how each individual room will precipitate each other. Bedrooms facing the south, living room next to the kitchen. You get the point.

Having said that, the unique point in ManGaArchitects design is how the sequence between the kitchen and the living room. Large panels separate this particular sequence.  Large sliding panels. Which can be hid in the wall and alter the whole space into an open plan sequence. That’s unique.

So, there you have it. 5 inventive and dexterously drafted house plan layouts. The question that looms large as we reach the summit of this edition is this: are you ready to redraft your house plan? If the answer is yes, then you now where to go next.

If the answer is no, then simply check out our last edition of this series for more inspiration: A masterpiece of apartment interior design

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