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A modern twist to an open space living area

June 28, 2016
open space living area

Dear CoContesters, welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today, we wear our renovation glasses once more and take a peek to the modern alteration of an open space living area.

For the new readers, an open space living area conglomerates the living room, dining room and kitchen into one single space. This spatial arrangement comes particularly handy for small houses. Why? We are glad you ask. The open space living area is devoid of divisional elements (e.g walls), allowing light to accentuate the perception of space.

But, beyond the embedded practicality in this living layout plan, it has also become a vogue choice for modern homes. That’s another reason the client of today’s contest wants to turn his living area into an open space spectacle. Of course, as it is always the case with the contest series, the modern take on this renovation has a twist.

Let’s see then what the client wants for his open space living area. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

Before: empty and ready

open space living area

The living area of the clients’ home is a barren place. As a consequence, that makes it perfect for the renovation that is about to ensue. Unlike other contests we have seen thus far, this home is not at the break of falling apart.

Which gave the contestants less hurdles to jump over. However, that doesn’t mean this contest is a walk in the park. Nope. The client wants to create an open space living area that simultaneously differentiates the kitchen from the living area. And that requires a certain amount of imaginative efforts. Oh, and we haven’t got to the twist yet.

When it comes to the materials, the client has a specific fondness for concrete. There you have a modern decorative element. And here comes the twist. The client also wants to add some steel and glass for a vintage allure.

So, these are the rules of today’s contest. Let’s see the spectacular designs of different architects and designers.

The division: independence on demand

open space living area

The open space living area of this contest is conditional. The condition being the independence of the kitchen at certain times. How do you achieve that?

Well, Alessandro Rizzo has a few things to say. He creates an original perimeter for the kitchen with the incorporation of a glass sliding door. Isn’t genius? Not only it brings that division on demand the client seeks, but also adds the twist to the modern decor of the living area. All in one.

If you want to see more kitchen’s with an independence on demand from the rest of the living area the go check out: This is how you design villa remodeling ideas without a guide.

The materials: a wonderful conglomeration

open space living area

The materials used in a renovation will most definitely denote the decorative style of the space. That’s as simple as it gets. However, things get more complicated when you are trying to interwoven different interior styles.

If one style overshadows the other, well then you end up with an ugly side. And that’s stating it mildly. To avoid falling into that decorative pitfall, just follow suit L’Architetto‘s brilliant design. His open space living area concept articulates modern and classy pretty fluently.

The concrete is used as a backdrop on the wall shelves, overlooking a cozy sofa of rustic origins. The secret, though, lays in the area rug that connects the dots between the two decorative styles.

The walls: magic neutrality

open space living area

Of course, the intermixing of different decorative styles will need something more that just the right blend of materials. Enter colors. Or, shall we say enter neutral colors.

Just look at Aleksandar Stosic‘s exquisite design. We have a lavish use of white, beige and brown. All this neutral tints act as a canvas for the open plan living area. Let’s have a crash course on the properties of neutral hues. Their combinational abilities are over 9000. The become a backdrop to combine any extravagant tint or material your heart desires.

In the case of this contest, the neutral color palette acts as the glue that holds the twist on the modern decor together. That’s why we like to call them a canvas.

The lights: fascinating brightness

open space living area

OK. Isn’t this simply fascinating? Joana Vilaca‘s has definitely work this contest. The barren space we have seen in the before image transforms into an eye candy.

The kitchen fully embraces the concrete demands of the client. And the quick succession of black and white makes this open space living area concept otherworldly! Oh, shall we mention that the black wall is in essence a sliding door that separates the kitchen from the living room?

But, what makes Joana’s concept to stand out is how she uses lights to bring the best out of the kitchen. Three pendants direct their light on the concrete kitchen counter in reminiscence of chick bars. While, the rest of the kitchen is lit up with fitted spotlights under the cabinets. We stand by our previous statement. Isn’t this simply fascinating?

The furniture: practical assembly

open space living area

Last, but not least, the open space living area renovation has to take into consideration the practicality of the furniture. As one of the main purposes of open plan concepts is to allow more space, then functionality in furnishing becomes all the more important.

For Pietro Priori, this means the kitchen must be injected with some multifunctionality. On its face, the kitchen counter changes purposes between a breakfast bar and a cooking hub. Beyond the surface, it also acts as an intermixing between the modern element and the rustic twist. Concrete on the top, wood on the bottom.

The same motif is replicated in the rest of the kitchen, creating a pleasant symphony of practicality. Great stuff by Pietro. Throw in some plant life in the kitchen’s decor and you are set to go.

So, there you have it. The open space living area of the client walks the fine line of a modern twist. All courtesy of the fine concepts by the pros of CoContest. If you too are in the process of renovating your living area, well this is a fine example on how to get going. Or, you know, simply turn to the contest platform and the rest will be taken care of.

Until then, take a look at the previous edition of the contest series: Irresistible loft conversion of a ground floor.


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