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A gorgeous ground floor refurbishment

July 1, 2016
ground floor refurbishment

Under the grizzly sky of London, somewhere at the outskirts, a couple weighted down their options and decided to endeavour a ground floor refurbishment.

The clients of today’s contest live in a home that abides to the repeating scenario of house accommodation in London. In fact, this pattern can be found across all Metropolis. Houses get smaller due to the constant expansion of population. We are not here to argue the merits of this situation. But, we are here to gaze at the gorgeous results of the clients ground floor refurbishment.

When dealing with a small space, reinstating the environment into a novel form might be one of the best ways to counteract its inherent spatial demeanor. It will, most certainty, allow a flow of new life enter the house that will affect its inhabitants. On top of that, a refurbishment can trick the senses in perceiving the space as larger. That is the task that the pros of CoContest face for this contest.

Let’s see then, what are the wants and needs of the couple for the London house. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

Before: dark and moody

ground floor refurbishment

If you have ever grace London, then its weather conditions are well known. The sun needs a permission slip by the Queen to shine over the banks of Tames.

Well, the little home of the couple was as dark and moody as the London weather. So, the clients need to alter this condition by making it brighter. Consequentially, that means an open plan design for the ground floor refurbishment.

The main targets for the contestants are the living room, kitchen, hall and bathroom. Oh, and of course, to add another bedroom at the end of the alcove.

Given the fact the couple is from Sweden, they ache for a decorative style reminiscence of their birthplace. So, get ready for some brilliant Scandinavian interior ideas.

Living room: practical furniture placement

ground floor refurbishment

The furniture arrangement is an ace in the sleeve when it comes to maximizing space, as it requires little resources and even less energy. Well, having the perfect set of furniture doesn’t hurt either.

So, Signup Architects decide to play their ace from the get go. In their ground floor refurbishment ideas, the living room is reshaped into a rectangular shape. This allows the space to open up. In fact, if you play close attention, even with more furniture pieces, the living room seems to have magically enlarge.

Even though Harry Potter comes from London, and we are ready to indulge the amazing possibility of Quidditch, this is not the result of a spell. It is just a dexterous arrangement. No wonder Singup Architects won the contest!

The floor: a Scandinavian minimalism

ground floor refurbishment

Even if you have no clue as to what Scandinavian decor means, by mere association you can envision wood to be one of its main components. And you will be absolutely right. For the most potent interior design enthusiasts, Scandinavian decor also translates to a minimal use of elements.

Giovanna Procopio manages to marry this two concepts in a beautiful assortment. The floor is given a light wood treatment that completely agrees with brightness. The same can be said for the most furniture pieces dress with the natural material. That TV set in the middle of the room is simply spectacular.

What makes Giovanna’s design stand out though, is how she so dexterously uses the garden to maximize the space of the living room. Any light that comes in (when the Queen is on her good days) bounces off unhindered by obstacles.

The kitchen: the magic artificial lights

ground floor refurbishment

While natural light is one of the key elements to fight limited space, it needs a sidekick. Especially when it comes to the food factory of the house. Enter lighting fixtures.

And Gordana Ninkovic has some gorgeous ideas to share with you in her ground floor refurbishment concept. The dining table is illuminated by an assortment of lights the hang anarchically from chains. A little of medieval conceptualization for you. Oh, and we are not even going to touch the incredible dining table. We will leave the image speak for itself.

To supplement the dining table lights, spotlights are fitted above the counter tops.  So, you will be less prone to end up with a perpetual black spot on the ceiling as a result of slightly overcooked meals.

The bathroom: a white marvel

ground floor refurbishment

Now, lets move to the bathroom, shall we? In its state prior to the ground floor refurbishment, elves would found it to be a small space.

For that reason, Aleksandar-Stosic decides to allow the magnificence of white color to alter its perception. For those unaware of the properties embedded in white, let us shine a light. White is a highly reflective hue, which means light can bounce off.

Also, we cannot leave without giving a mention to the cubed illusion on the floor that merges wonderfully with the shower wall. It is simply a one-of-a kind approach that makes you forget of the limited space.

The hallway: beautiful functionality

ground floor refurbishment

We have seen, thus far, the ground floor refurbishment tackling the living room, kitchen and bathroom. These are spaces which already existed in the small house. The hallway, though, is a different story.

The previous arrangement simply didn’t make any room for a hallway. Does a hallway fit in a small house? Well, Diego Schiavi definitely thinks so. The living room is separated by a plastered wall from the hallway, while an iron and glass door acts as the connecting port. Also, he gave a purpose to the hallway.

Beyond its apparent aesthetics, the hallway acts as a dressing area with a little mirror and a bench. Maybe that’s not a hallway the clients envision, but that’s a hallway they need.

The bedroom: small but practical

ground floor refurbishment

Another space that did not exist in the London house, was the bedroom by the alcove. In light of the already small contour, it falls to reason the newly establishment bedroom is not going to be grandiose.

However, that doesn’t mean it shall be unpractical. Not at all. In fact, Annie Yakimova, manages to sneak in an office nook. So, in essence, it transforms into the perfect guest room.

So, there you have it. The ground floor refurbishment of the little house in the city that never sleeps, breathes that new life so thoroughly sought by the clients. If you are on the prowl for the a few changes, well, you know where to find us!

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